The US will resume delivery of American technology products Huawei

Tuesday, 02 Jul, 2019

This good news was shared after the President said in a press con in Japan at the G20 summit that the administration is allowing them to sell.

Huawei's USA sales of network gear evaporated after a US congressional panel labelled the company a security threat in 2012 and told phone carriers to avoid it.

The president has repeatedly insisted that China bears the cost of the tariffs he's imposed on its exports to the US, rejecting the consensus of economists that the taxes are paid by American companies and consumers in the form of higher prices.

The records arrives on the heels of Trump announcing that Chinese language tech enormous Huawei would possibly maybe well also buy equipment from US companies after being blacklisted. The US recently blacklisted Huawei from selling its hardware in the US, which could've caused up to $30 billion in lost sales over the next two years. These devices were also kept out of the Android updates roadmap.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio tweeted that any agreement to reverse the recent United States action against Huawei would be a "catastrophic mistake" and that legislation would be needed to put the restrictions back in place if that turned out to be the case. Trump's prior reversal after threatening tariffs on Mexico indicates that "his legal freedom of room for maneuver on trade is subject to very real political limits".

The ongoing dispute between Huawei and the USA has caused concern in the telecoms industry. I just think it's inappropriate. 'We understand each other'.

Neither the White House nor Huawei immediately responded to requests for comment.

"What's happening now is simply a loosening up for general merchandise", Kudlow said. "The national security concerns will remain paramount".

A New Zealand technology commentator says Donald Trump's latest Huawei concessions are effectively a "get out of jail free" card for the Chinese company. This move meant that Huawei couldn't even use its own Hisilicon Kirin chips because these were built upon ARM's RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) architecture.

The U.S. has targeted Huawei, one of the crown jewels of the Chinese tech world and the world's largest telecom gear supplier, for harsh sanctions amid claims by the intelligence community that its equipment poses a security risk and accusations of trade theft and violations of embargoes on Iran.

The pause in tensions is likely to be welcomed by the business community, and markets, which have swooned on both sides of the Pacific due to the trade war.

Still, King noted that the situation could change again at any time, since the licensing scheme, while appearing fairly benign, is rhetorically loose enough that the government could play hardball again should the need arise. Going into the meeting with Trump, Xi said, "Cooperation and dialogue are better than friction and confrontation".

Moorhead could well be right.