Egypt, Arab states not to see total solar eclipse Tuesday

Thursday, 04 Jul, 2019

The next total eclipse will be visible in southern Chile on December 14, 2020. A partial solar eclipse will be visible in countries like Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

The July 2, 2019 solar eclipse is going to be the only total solar eclipse for this year while the others will be partial ones.

"It's a unique occasion", Chilean astronomer Ivo Saviane told Reuters from the La Silla Observatory that he manages.

Thousands of outlets have reported on the incident, which was the first full total solar eclipse since 2017 - did you know that during that event, bees across the United States fell silent as a result of the eclipse?

When will the eclipse begin and how long will it last?

How do solar eclipses occur?

"We hope this milestone will transform [our town] into a tourist attraction, so that visitors. can come to La Higuera and take a picture where there once was a total sun eclipse", Mayor Yerko Galleguillos said.

A total solar eclipse had to share the stage with a Category 4 hurricane today - and NOAA satellite captured it all.

What will the solar eclipse be like?

In case you're wondering whether India would also be able to view or witness the Total Solar Eclipse, the answer is no.

During a solar eclipse, the moon casts a shadow onto Earth as it crosses paths with the sun. During a total eclipse, the sun's crown, or corona, is visible to the naked eye.

During totality of the eclipse, it will be possible to observe bright stars and planets in the sky. On this path, the moon will extinguish sunlight for as much four minutes and 33 seconds. However, the eclipse on 2 July was doubly rare because of where it took place: directly over a region on Earth scattered with the best of telescopes and expertise to study heavenly bodies. "Having raced across the Pacific Ocean at over 6,000 miles per hour, by the time the Moon's shadow reaches the west coast of Chile, the Sun will be low to the horizon, with the partial eclipse phases occurring just as the Sun is setting".

How does a solar eclipse affect people and environment?

"I don't believe there's a better place in the world to see an eclipse than La Silla, because it is very dry, so it is nearly certain that the sun will be visible", said Australian tourist Betsy Clark.

Scientists will be paying particular attention to a specific moment in the eclipse.

Astrologists, in their turn, do not recommend making important decisions on this day and another three days after the solar eclipse.

As per NASA, a total eclipse happens some place on earth about every year and a half.