Facebook, WhatsApp down globally including in India

Thursday, 04 Jul, 2019

The outages apparently started as early as 8:04 am EDT, and 85% of those who complained about Facebook on DownDetector say that images were affected by the issue.

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Downdetector.com showed that the platforms were particularly hard hit in Europe and the East Coast of the United States.

The first outage issues were reported shortly before 16:00 today. It appears that the technical issue is related to the photo-sharing feature of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram apps.

Some said when they tried to post photos, Instagram only displayed the caption and not the image, while other users reported an inability to access the service at all. Around the same time yesterday, Cloudflare had a network performance issue which brought down a large number of websites that utilise their service. Some users also reported that WhatsApp has difficulties in sending voice mails and messages. WhatsApp users saying some texts are sending or receiving. Cloudflare said the outage was caused by "a bad software deploy".

In addition to Facebook's photo issue, some social media users are also reporting trouble with two other popular apps - Instagram and WhatsApp. "We're now having some issues with DM [direct message] delivery and notifications", it said in a tweet.

The website down detector had more than 7,000 reports at one point of problems with Facebook, and more than 12,000 were reported regarding Instagram.