Major fire at Jim Beam bourbon warehouse in Woodford County

Saturday, 06 Jul, 2019

An alcoholics nightmare took place on late Tuesday when the Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky caught fire. Another user tweeted a picture of Kentucky river which was covered half in Bourbon whisky, as all the runoff liquor seeped into the river water. One official said "With the bourbon spirits, there's just a lot of material to burn".

Runoff is expected to create "low dissolved oxygen levels", which could result in substantial fish kills. Chandler said the fire had been way too big and hot to get a fire investigator near it. This could save the contamination of water which is availed for drinking objective. Authorities believe a lightning strike started the blaze at the rickhouse where the barrels were stored as they aged.

Jim Beam is the world's best-selling bourbon brand.

Around 45,000 barrels amounts to 1.89 million gallons of bourbon.

Still, such a loss could be up to $300 million worth of bourbon. While the second withstands fire on its external structure.

A local business called Woodford Feed also brought in sand to build embankments around the damaged rickhouses to prevent leakage into nearby creeks.

The first warehouse was kept 45 000 barrels (more of 7.15 million liters) of "relatively young whiskey", according to a statement from Beam Suntory, parent company of Jim Beam.

"They are beginning fire suppression and will hand the facility back over to the owner soon thereafter", Chandler said.

"We have a comprehensive warehouse safety program that includes regular inspections and rigorous protocols to promote safety and the security of our aging inventory", the Beam Suntory statement says. Last month, a storm partially collapsed a warehouse at O.Z. Tyler Distillery in Owensboro. The blaze was reported along McCracken Pike near Versailles, Kentucky.