Authorities investigate explosion at Florida shopping plaza

Tuesday, 09 Jul, 2019

There are no reported fatalities. One was taken as a Level 1 trauma to Broward Health Medical Center. Businesses directly next door to the vacant pizza shop were immediately destroyed. "It was like raining pieces of roof, wall, bricks."That's when he saw people running and shouting."I was afraid", Villa said".

"Everything just stopped. You didn't see anybody".

Walaschek said dust and debris filled the air.

All the injured, including a child, have been rushed to a nearby hospital and are out of danger.

Extra than one storefronts had been impacted by the blast, with 15-20 injured, at the side of two seriously, in accordance with Plantation Fireplace Rescue spokesman, Joel Gordon.

"Gas explosion 800 blk SUD multiple patients", the Plantation Fire volunteer group said on Twitter. "We were very fortunate that we didn't experience something much worse".

State Sen. Lauren Book lives in Plantation.

Her mom, Lani Muller, felt the explosion in her house.

"We heard a loud, loud boom, we thought it was thunder, wasn't sure what was going on", Book said. 'Had we walked out of that gym 15 seconds later, I would've been getting my kids in the vehicle when it went off. It's surreal, it's in your community - it's a minute away from your house.

A MASSIVE gas explosion has ripped through a shopping mall in Florida injuring "multiple people" today.

The Plantation fire department called it a gas explosion. Search dogs are also at the scene.

Roads remain closed across the city.

Authorities have shut down University Drive from Broward Boulevard to Peters Road, as well as Peters Road between University and Southwest 78th Avenue. All the stores near Fountains Plaza and the Plantation Marketplace plaza were closed following the incident, police said.