Russell Westbrook Trade Talks Ramp Up After Paul George Deal

Tuesday, 09 Jul, 2019

Westbrook, perhaps the most loyal player in the National Basketball Association, is the longest-tenured active player to play on one team. You'd figure any Rockets trade for Westbrook would have to include Paul going the other way, though MacMahon noted that might be the case.

According to ESPN, Houston is interested in trading for Westbrook, though a source told the Worldwide Leader that it's a "long shot".

Simmons and Mannix suggested that the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic or New York Knicks could be possble destinations for Westbrook who has played 11 seasons in Oklahoma City since being drafted fourth overall in the 2008 draft.

National Basketball Association scoring champion James Harden, last year's Most Valuable Player, and Chris Paul already have made the Rockets into a title contender, but adding Westbrook could tip the NBA's delicate balance of power in their direction.

Whatever the case, there will be serious questions now for the Thunder and Westbrook over where they stand. The Rockets would need to do some serious maneuvering, likely with a third team, to fit Westbrook's five-year, $206 million albatross under their cap. In fact, they seem like the best of friends.

League insiders have repeatedly reported in the past that the Pistons have a keen interest in acquiring Westbrook. The San Antonio Spurs completed a three-team trade with the Brooklyn Nets and Washington Wizards to land DeMarre Carroll but they had to give up Davis Bertans. Read on to see the pros and cons of a Westbrook deal to the Celtics.

The Timberwolves, unsurprisingly, is heading into the next season without a lead point guard.

There are rumors claiming that Minnesota is looking to trade Andrew Wiggins.

Houston has been ambitious in its pursuit of top talent and might be able to acquire Westbrook without moving Chris Paul.