Love Island’s Amber admits she still has feelings for Michael

Friday, 12 Jul, 2019

She told her villa friends, "I have made some of the best friends I have ever had..."

Although there's a few who are certainly vulnerable, there's one islander that viewers want to protect at all costs: Ovi.

And while Jordan was doing it for the majority of the women, there was no way Curtis was not going to be the star in Maura's eyes.

Sadly for Anna, this look didn't seem to do it for any of the boys and she was the only girl not to get her fellow Islanders flustered with her raunchy routine.

Molly-Mae is feeling sentimental about heading to the Hideaway with Tommy, considering it is where they first met upon her arrival at the villa.

She says to Anna and Maura: "I can't switch off my feelings".

She said: "I used to suffer from anxiety travelling around the world as an 18-year-old".

She will say: "I know off initial attraction, it wasn't there for you but it wasn't there for you and Michael either". But I had a think about it and I don't know where your head is at with the whole Michael thing.

However, as Curtis revealed he wasn't interested in pursuing things further, Amy was left devastated by the heartbreak, revealing that she was on the verge of telling him she loved him before things blew up.

"Realistically for me, I'm not going to be ready in the next three weeks to meet someone else". I would give myself a solid 7.2 out of 10.

"That's why I love you so much and that's why I want you to be happy. I love you all dearly".

Urging the hunk to go back to Amber, he added: "If you did change your mind, there would be nothing wrong with that".

Curtis has since shared a kiss with Maura Higgins during a raunchy challenge on the show. "I'd pay money to see them all loved up!"

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ITV has confirmed that the finale will air on Monday 29 July, and will be followed by the last episode of its spinoff show, Love Island: Aftersun.