Nintendo Introducing Portable "Switch Lite"

Monday, 15 Jul, 2019

To be clear: this isn't a review or a hands-on. With it came details of the Nintendo Switch Lite's price, color options, specs, and more. The Nintendo Switch (in grey or neon red/blue) is now available for just £279 on Amazon.

Nintendo announced their latest console - Nintendo Switch Lite - a scaled down version of the Nintendo Switch, that is intended exclusively for hand-held gaming.

But games for the consoles are still selling well, a sign that the Switch's popularity could prove resilient.

Average analyst expectations for 2020 Switch sales were at 18.5 million units before Nintendo reported earnings results in April of 2019. The Nintendo Switch uses USB-C to output video (and to charge its batteries), so there's already a port transferring video data when you're in docked mode.

It is, in fact, a lighter version that does not take up the hybrid concept (semifix / semiportátil) of the first one, since its controls cannot be separated and it cannot be connected to the television. The Switch Lite features a 720p screen but, the screen is a bit smaller than the Nintendo Switch's screen. There's a lot of information about the new Nintendo console (including the Nintendo Switch Mini release date!), so let's get right into it! Besides the fact that the Switch Lite can not be docked and output video to a TV like a standard Switch, there are some other differences to keep in mind as well. A smaller, less powerful system with fewer features and no ability to connect to the TV, the system is unquestionably aimed toward reaching new viewers.

Read on for our questions, Nintendo's answers (provided by a Nintendo of America representative), and more of our analysis for what they might mean for Nintendo's upcoming console.

There are also other tricks Nintendo could use to beef up Switch performance: it could increase processor power and RAM, like it did for the New Nintendo 3DS line, and do it more dramatically than recent FCC filings point to.

What do you think of Nintendo's new portable? Still, I believe the tech is innovative enough that Nintendo should be pushing it harder - really demonstrate to developers why it's so sweet - instead of throwing in the towel so soon. The controllers of the Switch Lite are also built into the system, and the left side sports a +Control Pad, something not featured on the removable Switch Joy-Con remotes. The difference is not huge but as you are only going to use it in handheld mode, every minute counts. That firmware was the first to include internal references to both the original Switch hardware configuration-running on original Nvidia Tegra X1 "T210" chips, codenamed "Logan"-and two new configurations sporting a Tegra X1 "T214" chip codenamed "Mariko". There are many times where I'm moving my Switch from my dimly lit bedroom to my well-lit living room and not having to fiddle inside the menu to adjust the screen brightness is nice.

If you only own a handful of Switch games, you shouldn't be anxious.

Were you thinking of buying this one digitally or physically? That sounds super annoying. It's Dollars 100 less expensive than its predecessor Switch and therefore lacks a number of key features.