Turkey Gets First Shipment Of Russian Missile Defense System

Tuesday, 16 Jul, 2019

But despite the USA threats, Turkish officials repeatedly insisted the agreement with Russian Federation was a "done deal".

Turkey says the two systems would be located in separate locations, and the United States was slow to provide an alternative missile defense shield.

Why is the United States opposed to the deal?

The Pentagon said on Friday it had indefinitely postponed a press briefing on Turkey accepting delivery of an advanced Russian missile defense system.

Following unsuccessful efforts to purchase an air defence system from the US, Ankara signed a contract in April 2017 to purchase the Russian S-400s.

The US President Donald Trump's administration had given mixed signals about how it might respond if Turkey went through with the deal, but US officials had warned of repercussions, including canceling sales of around 100 high-tech US-made F-35 fighter jets to Ankara and the imposition of sanctions under a 2017 law in cooperation with adversaries. Kurds are the largest minority. India too is scheduled to procure the S-400 missile systems from Russian Federation. He's a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member.

"Once the system is completely ready, it will begin to be used in a way determined by the relevant authorities", it added.

It has also said Turkey won't be allowed to participate in the program to produce the high-tech F-35 fighter jets.

The missile deal further complicates USA policy in the Middle East by heightening tensions with Ankara at a time when Washington has been exerting pressure internationally to isolate Iran by blocking Tehran's oil exports.

The US generally tries to keep North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members buying American by having North Atlantic Treaty Organisation threaten to limit cooperation with those who don't.

Deliveries of Russian S-400s to Turkey should also be regarded as the beginning of new changes in the world order, as it is obvious that Ankara, despite its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation membership, no longer sees Russia as a threat.

The S-400 is one of the most modern air defence systems in the world, and comes at a lower price than its USA competitor, the Patriot.

Deliveries to Turkey began on July 12. He previously served as Prime Minister from 2003 to 2014 and as Mayor of Istanbul from 1994 to 1998.

Turkey's decision to buy the equipment solidifies ties which were developed between Russia's President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and is just the latest setback to US-Turkish relations which have seen the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies at odds over points such as Syria.

Political analysts believe this will lead to a major row between Washington and one of NATO's main allies.

The United States and Turkey are also at odds over the Syrian conflict and other issues.

What is the A-400 system?

Ankara has ruled out such a possibility, saying that it is a long standing North Atlantic Treaty Organisation country, since 1952, and that the S-400 would not be integrated in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation capabilities. "The deliveries are sent to the Murted air base", the ministry said. The acquisition radar cannot only detect and track up to 300 targets within a distance of 600km, but can also engage 36 targets at one point.