Wednesday, 17 Jul, 2019

According to the piece, the Akira start date was likely to be pushed back due to issues with the script, and when that date got too close to when Disney and Marvel wanted to make Thor, the director shifted focus.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce the news on Tuesday that Waititi will be back to follow-up Thor: Ragnarok. Waititi, who won a TIFF audience prize in 2014 for his vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows, was hired by Marvel to direct the 2017 smash after the studio decided it wanted a lighter tone for the popular franchise.

Australian heartthrob Chris Hemsworth - who plays the Asgardian God of Thunder - is the only actor thus far attached to Thor 4.

It's unclear what WB's next move will be for Akira, but it is clear that they want to have Waititi direct the film as they are hoping he will direct it right after he finishes Thor 4.

That's great news for Thor fans, but it means Warner Bros. has supposedly put the Akira project on hold indefinitely. The news comes with the added information that the new Thor project would affect the planned Akira live-action movie that the filmmaker had been developing over at Warner Brothers.

"Thor: Ragnarok" director Taika Watiti.

When we last saw our heroes, Thor was jetting off to join the Guardians of the Galaxy gang (perhaps setting up a cameo in "Guardians vol. 3"), while Valkyrie had taken over as the ruler of the Asgardians. But by the end of the film, the former king of Asgard has teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and plans to join them on their next journey (which seems to be a hunt to find 2014's Gamora - yeah, it's complicated). Thor's journey throughout Endgame is one of realizing that he didn't doom the universe, and that he is worthy of his former glory. Unlike Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, Hemsworth is in no hurry to leave the MCU. "I just had to keep reminding myself that what's more important is what's inside the rectangle, which is usually two or three people trying to remember their lines". That might change during San Diego Comic-Con, which kicks off on Thursday, July 18 and has Marvel Studios' panel scheduled for Saturday, July 20 at 5:15 PM PST.