Biden Jokingly Challenges Trump to Push-up Challenge

Thursday, 18 Jul, 2019

"What the real debate is about is: do we have the courage to take on these incredibly powerful special interests, who make huge profits?"

"We need to go to the future", she says.

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden rolled out a health care plan that would add a public option to Obamacare.

The Quinnipiac University poll was conducted July 10-15, with 1,125 California voters - including 519 Democrats and Democratic leaners - questioned by live telephone operators.

The support for Ms. Harris and Ms. Warren has jumped almost 11 percentage points and 8 percentage points, respectively, since April, while Mr. Biden's support has stayed relatively the same. The figures mark a 10-point jump for Harris and an 8-point jump for Warren. He said while he understands the appeal of a "Medicaid for All" plan, like that advocated by candidate Bernie Sanders, it doesn't make sense to abandon the ACA.

He argued that his 2020 opponents, with the exception of Sen.

Perhaps the biggest surprises here are Yang and Williamson, who both do better than they have in any previous poll.

As a partial explanation for the decline in support for Sanders among New Hampshire Democrats, CNN asked survey respondents who changed their candidate preference because of the June primary debates which candidate they had supported prior.

Yet with the exception of Biden, the moderates are languishing far back in polls, leaving the former vice president to capitalize on the dividing lines and promising that he will do what Obama couldn't.

The speech comes as Sanders is slipping in some public polling and is trying to gain traction in a crowded Democratic field.

Harris performs better among California Democratic voters who said they were paying the most attention to the campaign (28%), versus those who were paying some attention (22%) or little or no attention (16%). Biden, of course, since he's perceived (and casts himself) as the centrist candidate and is leading in the polls, is their main target.

Beyond the top three, Massachusetts Sen. Kamala Harris represents - a black woman who could take on President Trump. Cory A. Booker of New Jersey and former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke have seen their support "virtually disappear".

The race has tightened since a Quinnipiac April survey found Biden, who had not yet formally announced his candidacy, besting the other contenders with 26% of Democratic voters in the Golden State; in that poll, Sanders was at 18%, Harris 17% and Warren 7%. The independent senator from Vermont is a socialist. In 2016, fresh off what ended up being a very narrow loss to Hillary Clinton in Iowa, Sanders ended up pulling off a stunning win in the Granite State, beating Clinton by more than 60,000 votes and more than twenty percentage points.

Asked if he was challenging Trump to run a mile against him, Sanders deadpanned: 'Alright, I will. "We should be building from what we have", he said last week. Presidential hopefuls Senators Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bennet, and Kamala Harris also accepted funds during their 2018 bids.

'You name the time and the place. Similarly, a Fox News poll out of SC shows him slipping there as well and polling in Nevada also shows him weakening.

Sanders's pledge marks one of his most aggressive moves of the campaign.

Obviously, these are still early numbers.

And in the same vein, many Democrats thought Barack Obama was unelectable until he started winning primaries in 2008. "Look, age is a factor, but it is one of a dozen factors". His aides say they are placing a growing emphasis on defending it against detractors.