Kellyanne Conway Does Her Best Trump Impression

Friday, 19 Jul, 2019

Conway further took issue with being asked about her husband's opinions, insisting that she could "run around pointing out everybody's disagreements with the people in their lives" but that she "won't do that".

Feinberg insisted that Conway's question was not relevant to her addressing Trump's racism, but Conway deflected, ultimately refusing to answer his question.

Henry Kerner, Special Counsel in the OSC, testified that Conway's conduct "hurts both federal employees, who may believe that senior officials can act with complete disregard for the Hatch Act, and the American people, who may question the nonpartisan operation of their government". "My ancestors are from Ireland and Italy", Conway responded.

Conway was also asked about her decision to defy a subpoena to appear before the House Oversight Committee on Monday to face questions over alleged violations of the Hatch Act. "And to have a full conversation..."

Conway later wrote on Twitter that she meant "no disrespect" by asking about the reporter's ethnicity, in a bid to spin Trump's comments as alluding to the idea that everyone has a heritage. He's exhausted. He, we, a lot of us are sick and exhausted of this country, of America coming last. Earlier, Trump said he wasn't concerned if people took it that way.

On June 14, President Donald Trump said that he won't be firing Conway, telling "Fox & Friends" that "it really sounds like a free speech thing" and that the whole incident seems "very unfair".

"I sure could. I can point out people's disagreements with their former spouses, their current spouses and partner, their future spouses and partners". "They want to chill free speech because they don't know how to beat [Trump] at the ballot box".

The "distraction" name was likely a reference to the go-to tactic for the Trump administration in the face of damning accusations, such as any of the president's multiple sexual assault allegations.

Tlaib is one of the four progressive congresswomen of color whom Trump has repeatedly attacked in recent days. What the president is doing is we are exhausted, sick and exhausted of many people in this country forget these four.

From there, the exchange devolved into a back-and-forth that included Conway saying "a lot of us are sick and exhausted of this country, of America coming last to people who swore an oath of office". "Be aware of that and what you're doing ... because some of us are getting death threats".

There's a pause after she snaps back at Feinberg asking what his ethnicity is before sharing hers: Irish and Italian. "I'd love to tell you all about it!" "I work with this president and I know him".

The White House asserted in a statement Monday that Conway's position as a White House official grants her immunity from testifying before Congress.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings said at Monday's hearing that it was "clear-cut" that Conway was required to comply with the subpoena.