Rapper A$AP Rocky will remain in Swedish custody after brawl

Sunday, 21 Jul, 2019

The 30-year-old rapper and two of his friends were arrested early July 3 on suspicion of assault after coming in voluntarily to answer police questions about a June 30 street fight that was captured on several different videos. Or eight days?? It may seem like we're nit-picking here, but seriously, by the time July 25 rolls around, the American rapper will have been in jail for about THREE WEEKS before ever having charges filed.

"The suspect will until then remain in detention", the court said.

Moments later, Swedish prosecutors issued a revised press release and walked back the plans to indict him at Friday's hearing. Rocky's managers have said the musician acted to protect himself. The judge presiding over the case and prosecutors agree that he is a flight risk. ASAP - born Rakim Mayers - has been detained because authorities have considered him a "flight risk", meaning they hope to more thoroughly investigate the allegations before releasing him, lest he attempt to flee their jurisdiction. A$AP Rocky's lawyer has called the fight a matter of self-defense, claiming that the two men "followed, harassed, and physically assaulted" his client.

Part of the incident was captured in an amateur video published by USA celebrity news outlet TMZ.

Mayers´ jailing has triggered outrage from artists, fans, USA lawmakers and both rapper West and his wife Kim Kardashian, who appealed to the White House concerning the matter.

As you may already know, Kim Kardashian West has become an advocate for prison reform in the U.S. and has been able to use her name to bring attention to the corrupt over-incarceration of people of colour.

The video showed A$AP stay calm throughout the row as he told one of the men to calm down after he slapped his security guard over the head with headphones.

The incident appears to have occurred on July 2, when Rocky posted footage on Instagram of two men following him and his friends around the city despite being told repeatedly to walk in the opposite direction.

One of the young men can also be seen hitting a member of the artist´s entourage.

Talk about an unlikely team-up: Jared Kushner and Justin Bieber are amongst those lobbying to free rapper A$AP Rocky from a Swedish jail.

Kardashian West has worked with the Trump administration on criminal justice reform.

"Your commitment to justice reform is so appreciated", she wrote.

Apparently Sweden doesn't actually have a bail system; we'll have to wait and see where the situation goes from here.