Google launches Gallery Go

Saturday, 27 Jul, 2019

Google has already launched a range of lightweight apps meant for use in regions with limited internet access, and today it continued that trend by launching Gallery Go. Here's how the two apps compare! "It brings numerous best features of Google Photos on device, to help you find, edit and manage your photos even when you're offline".

The light app comes with editing tools for instant fixes along with a variety of filters.

The major difference between Gallery Go and Google Photos is, naturally, the storage options.

If you've ever used an Android One device, you must have noticed the lack of a Gallery App.

"We've crossed this really critical milestone of a billion monthly users, and Gallery Go is how we think about the next billion". Unlike Google Photos, it doesn't show files that are saved in the cloud on your Google account.

Google says that the application is designed for users who don't have a reliable internet connection.

Fast Company has a nice overview of how Google Photos was built and why it is so successful.

For the plethora of its apps, Google has also released its toned-down versions in the past to allow more people to use them. The app has a size of 10 Megabytes which is small when you compare it Google Photos which has a size of 42 Megabytes now.

That's a huge perk for users in developing countries, considering that Wi-Fi isn't always available and mobile data can be quite costly.

As expected of any light weight app, the new Gallery Go weighs 10 MB in size and is created to work offline. Believe it or not, Gallery Go is only 10MB.