WhatsApp buiding desktop version that can be used without phone

Monday, 29 Jul, 2019

Currently, if you activate WhatsApp with a phone number on one device, you can not use it on any other device barring WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp web also takes info from your phone, if you want to login via it. Now, that might soon change.

WhatsApp will be reportedly bringing updates that will enable multi-device use of the same account. In fact, it seems the reason the app is not yet available is because WhatsApp is preparing the app for iPad devices.

The same WhatsApp account on iOS and Android devices.

As per a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which will for a multi-platform system for the app. Well, at least Mac users do have a way to handle WhatsApp messages, but iPad owners have no way of using WhatsApp unless they visit the desktop version of the app. Now if the rumors are true, WhatsApp is working on a tablet version. Given that the source has a good track record of revealing such details, we can expect it to be launched soon. What if we say, there's a possibility of changing the way we use WhatsApp from other platforms than a mobile?

If the rumor is correct, WhatsApp could turn itself into a more streamlined, traditional-style messaging service, with apps on all the major platforms, that you can use without logging out of other devices. Starting from the third quarter of 2019, the app on KaiOS devises with 256MB or 512MB of RAM will come preinstalled on select phones.

Facebook, who owns WhatsApp, has been working to integrate their messaging apps, including Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, using the same server back-end (which has resulted in multiple simultaneous outages) and the ability to share between these platforms.