Google Play Pass Subscription Service: Everything You Need to Know

Friday, 02 Aug, 2019

The first thing that we want to mention about the Google Play Store's new update is that it sports the 16.0.15 version number. Now, while people continue to wait for Apple Arcade to go live later this autumn, it seems Google is testing out something similar with its Google Play Pass. There are smartphones with larger panels than that, and so I really admire Google giving drivers a way to interact with multiple apps at once, without detracting too much from whatever is now in the foreground. It includes personalized suggestions from other apps as well. You will see a Google Assistant badge which means you can access quick information like the news, weather report, reminder, or your calendar. The update is for Screens only, and the users will get full functionality once they receive the full update from Google or the device manufacturer. A driver can either pick up or decline the call using their voice.

Thankfully, the new app launcher, navigation bar and generally refreshed interface have disrupted that stagnation. The new Android Auto supports widescreen layouts, showing more on-screen at any one time. It allows a driver to manage multiple apps, more easily. In short it's guessing that you aren't planning on using it if it hasn't been touched in a while and will suggest you install it to gain space back. A user can also jump straight to apps running in the background with just one tap so they can stay focused on the road. Unfortunately, it didn't say anything else about the service, so we don't know when it'll launch for everyone.

Google says that Android Auto can now fit widescreen displays in cars and features fonts that are easier to read; don't forget the dark theme. If there is an address already set up on your phone, Android Auto will automatically load the directions to that location.

Apps are a significant source of revenue for both Google and Apple.