Texas Walmart location of active shooting situation

Sunday, 04 Aug, 2019

One individual, a male, is in custody.

One suspect is in custody, according to Sgt. Robert Gomez.

A spokesperson at Del Sol Medical Center told Fox News that the hospital had received six victims in an unknown condition. Two of the injured were children who were being transferred to El Paso Children's Hospital, he said.

Earlier tweets from the department advised residents to "stay away from the Cielo Vista mall area" due to the situation. Carillo told reporters in the early afternoon that the situation was contained except for an area at the Cielo Vista Mall, which sits near the Walmart where at least some of the shootings took place.

The Walmart is located at the Cielo Vista Mall. Stores in the surrounding area are also being evacuated as a precaution.

He was just "shooting randomly", Saenz said, and then he walked into the store and she lost sight of him. The women appeared "shook up" but not injured.

Another restaurant employee, Adrian Loera, said Walmart employees ran for their lives, seeking shelter at nearby businesses.

You can hear the gunfire, which is continuous and loud for some time before, as the anchor makes notes, the silence.

The nearby Hooters and Red Lobster are also on lockdown. Employees at those restaurants told CNN they were safe and saw a lot of police, helicopters and people running around outside.

Local reports and videos shared on social media showing evacuations underway at other stores in the mall.

"Hands in the air!" an officer can be heard shouting in the footage.

President Donald Trump was briefed on the shooting, the White House said, and spoke with both Abbott and Attorney General William Barr. CNN reported multiple fatalities and said most of the casualties were at a Walmart. He said they are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and utilizing all resources available to us. "God be with you all!"

Democratic presidential candidate and former US Rep. Beto O'Rourke, who is from El Paso, said he was distraught by the news of the shooting. Eastern time, just past noon in El Paso, that the scene was still active.

"I am incredibly saddened and it's very hard to think about this", he said.