Leak: An Automatic Sniper Rifle Will Be Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

Monday, 05 Aug, 2019

The new season of Fortnite started late Thursday night and brought a new round of surprise changes. The best Fortnite players in the world met in New York City July 26 - 28 to compete in the $30 million World Cup Solo and Duos Finals, $3 million Creative Finals and $3 million Charity Pro-Am.

In the end, players Emil "Nyhrox" Bergquist Pedersen (Norway) and David "aqua" W. (Austria) took home the $3 million prize with 51 points and two Victory Royales, making them the first Duos players to become Fortnite World Champions.

Apart from the major changes, the new season also brings various updates to the Arena Game Mode like the addition of creating your own multi-phase storm. One of them will control the movements, while the other manages missiles and shotguns. Simply mine as much material as you can and start throwing up structures. To sweeten the deal, you can now also gift a Battle Pass to a friend until the 15th August. "As you level up, you'll unlock rewards like dual pickaxes, emotes, loading screens, Outfit styles, and more", the Fortnite team writes in a blog post.

Fortnite Season 10 is here and it's rewinding time a little while still adding all the new cosmetics, challenges, and map changes that you'd expect. When you know where you need to go it's not too bad, but it'll take you a couple of games to complete unless you get seriously lucky. Yes, the game introduces this as a new player vehicle, which requires two players to operate and jump into combat to annihilate enemies.

Players will once again progress through the Battle Pass by earning Battle Stars.

Fortnite Season 10 is all about being nostalgic for the past and excited for the future. The grid squares help measure the area, and the white grid square is available to mark the centre of the island. The X-Lord and Catalyst outfits are unlocked immediately upon purchasing, and at tier 100 you'll find the Ultima Knight outfit. Ushering in its launch, Epic has also issued update 10.00 for the wildly famous battle royal title, and published patch notes alongside it to detail everything new.

This situation has recurred regularly in the recent past: the players complained about the Mounted Turrets, Airplanes, Infinity Blade Sword, Thanos and a myriad of other things, including Girosfere.

Players also reacted on Twitter.