Trump in OH to begin day of mass shooting site visits

Thursday, 08 Aug, 2019

While Dayton police continue its homicide investigation, Wickerham said the FBI will explore which "specific violent ideologies" may have influenced Betts, whether Betts had an accomplice, if anyone else had advance knowledge of Betts's attack, and why Betts chose Dayton's entertainment district as his target. Police identified the shooter as Connor Betts, 24, of Bellbrook, Ohio.

If all of the magazines he had with him were full, which has not been confirmed, he would have had a maximum of 250 rounds, said police chief Richard Biehl. Betts died at the scene, fatally shot by police officers who had run there. Most of the victims were Hispanic. There have been protesters in both the OH city and in El Paso, opposed to the president visiting so soon after the incidents.

When asked if he was visiting OH too soon after the shooting, Whaley said, 'He's the president of the United States.

"We have found very specific violent ideologies that the shooter we know followed and was interested in", Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Todd Wickerham told reporters.

Beard was wounded. Police said he was shot in the lower torso.

Both former classmates told The Associated Press that Betts was suspended during their junior year at suburban Bellbrook High School after a hit list was found scrawled in a school bathroom.

It follows other reports suggesting that Betts was known as a violent misogynist who once as a high school student compiled a list of girls to rape.

In an interview with CNN, Partridge said he believed the incident occurred about 10 years ago, when he was a sophomore at Bellbrook High School.

Mourners leave flowers and candles at the entrance of Ned Peppers bar in the Oregon District following a memorial service to recognize the victims of a mass shooting early this morning on August 4, 2019 in Dayton, Ohio.

The tone was set on their first date, she said, when Betts showed her a video of last year's Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and narrated it play-by-play. "Even then, I did realize that that was a weird thing for a first date, but not too weird given the context of our class".

Mike DeWine, the Republican governor of the midwest USA state of OH, on Tuesday unveiled a series of gun control proposals including a "red flag" law which allows police and relatives to ask a judge to remove guns temporarily from individuals whom they fear will cause harm to themselves or others.

The family of the OH shooter and his sister who was among the nine killed has released a statement saying they are devastated, and co-operating with law enforcement's investigation.

"Since he has not been a student here for over six years, we are still gathering additional information and will release it as soon as we can", Cozad said. "If someone is showing signs of trouble or problems, we must help and we must not turn away".

DeWine made his first comments about the shooting on Sunday just hours after the attack, but he was shouted down by hecklers who called on him to "do something!"

According to Heavy, the account posted about the user's love of guns but also criticized Ohio's Sen.

An Associated Press review of all firearms-related legislation passed past year, encompassing the first full state legislative sessions since Parkland and the nation's deadliest mass shooting, in Las Vegas, showed a decidedly mixed record.

President Donald Trump claimed there is a "very strong" political appetite in Congress for bipartisan legislation that would address background checks or some restrictions for gun users.

Shows said she was never told the details about the threats, but the principal had asked her, "Is there any reason he would want to hurt you?"