Yankees To Play White Sox On The Field Of Dreams

Sunday, 11 Aug, 2019

That site in Dubuque County, Iowa, has since become a tourist destination; on August 13 of 2020, it will be the site of a regular season Major League Baseball game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox. The 2019 Little League Classic will be played on Saturday, August 18 between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The "stadium" will also pay homage to Chicago's historic Comiskey Park, and the right-field wall will include a window with a view into the historic cornfields surrounding the complex. Ballparks across the North America have been hosting movie nights, screening movies such as Star Wars while also hosting theme nights, including a night dedicated to HBO's hit show Game of Thrones.

FOX will air the game at 7 pm EST. The Field of Dreams itself is a tourist attraction now, and even though the baseball diamond is still there, they won't be using that exact field for the Yankees-White Sox game.

According to Major League Baseball, fans attending the game will begin their journey at the ballfield that Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones once made famous, before traveling along a path cut through the middle of a lush cornfield.

"Field of Dreams" hit theaters 30 years ago and features Kevin Costner as a farmer who bulldozes part of his cornfield to build a baseball field.

In this July 11, 2007, file photo, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, left, at the time a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, sits on the front porch of the house at the "Field of Dreams" movie site during a campaign stop in Dyersville, Iowa. The said match will hence be the first major league baseball match at Lowa.

According to the American Film Institute, that phrase is the 39th top film quote of all-time. The field itself will be built adjacent to the primary filming site, with a pathway through the cornfield to be established between the two. Following the game at the "Field of Dreams" site, the team will complete the rest of the series in Chicago.

Nonetheless, let the countdown to this very special moment begin. Outside of organized baseball, a multiracial team called the All-Nations, based in both Des Moines and Kansas City, barnstormed periodically between 1912-1925.