‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Releasing an Extended Cut for Labor Day

Wednesday, 21 Aug, 2019

Disney's Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have hit an impasse on new financing terms for upcoming Spider-Man movies, sources have told Variety.

According to Deadline, Disney wanted a "50/50 co-financing arrangement", and they two studios even discussed the possibility of this extending to other Sony-owned Spider-Man characters. Still, the flick has been Sony's highest-grossing picture, raking in $1.109 billion in global ticket sales, and Far From Home's opening weekend set a six-day record for Sony, earning $185.06 million in weekend ticket sales.

Sony Pictures announced today that on Thursday, August 29, ahead of the holiday weekend, a Spider-Man: Far From Home extended cut featuring approximately four additional minutes of a never-before-seen action sequence will be released in theaters in the US and Canada. Sony opted to keep the five percent in place and the studios were unable to reach an agreement on the matter.

Earlier this year Avengers: Endgame became the highest-grossing film of all time, followed by Spider-Man: Far From Home surpassing Skyfall to become the highest-grossing film ever for Sony, both produced by Feige. When Sony and Marvel first made their deal, the Spidey franchise, after two unbelievable films, was at a low ebb. Additionally, Marvel Studios would not receive a cut of the box office for any of Sony's films that feature Spider-Man.

Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman and Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra turned down the offer flat without attempting to figure out a compromise. Are you sad to see Marvel's Kevin Feige no longer involved with Spider-Man films starring Tom Holland?

It's because of Kevin Feige's leadership that Spider-Man was able to establish his cinematic reputation.

"The original Sony/Marvel/Spidey deal to co-produce these movies stipulated that if this Spidey cleared a billion, Marvel would get to oversee a third".

As of Tuesday, the future for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man seemed murky. You can also pre-order Far From Home on Digital and Blu-ray/DVD.

Now, where and how we see this version of Spider-Man again is more of an open question.