Will reportedly launch in November with a $10 monthly fee

Thursday, 22 Aug, 2019

The company is targeting $50 billion in sales of movie and television service by 2020.

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In addition to expanding availability, Apple also announced that it has partnered with Uber to offer 3% daily cash back on Uber and Uber Eats purchases when paying with Apple Pay in the app.

The code strings in the recent beta versions of macOS Catalina have also suggested that Apple would bring some multi-device streaming limitations that could be implied to individual subscription plans. HBO Max will likely have a higher subscription rate, but the most enviable streaming library. There have been rumblings that Apple TV Plus may be bundled with some other Apple services, but that remains to be seen.

Then again, Apple's "grand plan", NBC News notes, is to bundle these services together and "sell consumers on a full package", although details of this potential package haven't been revealed. However, we simply don't know if any deals took place or if negotiations are on-going. It's all conjecture and rumor at this point. "Not sure why TV keeps tripping them up".

The moves come as Apple shifts to emphasize digital content and other services to offset a pullback in the once-sizzling smartphone market.

Ads for "The Morning Show" starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell began appearing on Twitter. However, star power doesn't matter as much as quality. If reports this week are anything to go by, Apple will increase its spending on original content for its streaming service from $1bn to $6bn.

Apple TV+ does have a few things working in its favor.

It's somewhat ironic that the Apple TV Plus show will examine the issues surrounding the proliferation of smartphones; after all, Apple played a huge role in their adoption. This is common practice among streaming services. This would put Apple TV+ in direct competition with the highly anticipated launch of Disney+, which premieres in the same month.