Worry over US - Israel relations after Bibi, after Trump

Friday, 23 Aug, 2019

Appearing in the latest episode of Fox Nation's "Deep Dive", Pipko, 24, is speaking out in defense of President Trump after he suggested that Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats show a lack of knowledge or "great disloyalty" to Israel. Mr. Trump made the remarks at the 75th annual convention for American Veterans (AMVETS), a volunteer-led organization formed by veterans.

If Netanyahu stays in power, but the next US Administration will be Democrat, Israel may be punished, albeit more subtly, for its current sickening admiration of Trump.

To be clear, white evangelical leaders don't actually compare Trump to Jesus or say he's the son of God or anything like that. The president's supporters claim he was responding to Monday's press conference by Reps. But that is no excuse.

In the Bible, Jewish leaders name Jesus the "king of Israel" in a mocking intention when he was as soon as build on the bad, per Matthew 27: 42: "He's the king of Israel!" "And only weak people would say anything other than that".

It was certainly not OK for Omar to make this malicious charge, and it was not OK for Trump to follow suit by responding the way he did.

Members of America's more than five million-strong Jewish community - 80 percent of whom voted Democratic in the 2018 mid-term elections, according to the Pew Research Center - have denounced his notion of loyalty and blamed the president for fuelling anti-Semitism. "If this is about Jews being "loyal" to him, then Trump needs a reality check". At a time of rising anti-Semitism in the USA, some expressed fear that Trump's words could invite new violence against Jewish targets.

Yet large swaths of our media clerisy have purposefully conflated the two, oftentimes clutching their pearls and feigning intensive outrage toward Trump.

"Where has the Democratic Party gone?"

The US president does not want guns in the hands of people who are insane. "They call him their president in Israel because of his great support for Israel". Ardent Zionists over the years have opposed US military aid to Israel because it makes Israel too dependent on a powerful ally.

Democrats have been demanding action on guns after shooters earlier this month in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, killed 31 people with semi-automatic rifles using high-volume magazines. The second coming? The chosen one?

"As a friend of President Trump's I can assure your audience that he does not have a messiah complex", Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, said on the Todd Starnes radio show on Fox News while discussing previous remarks by the president saying American Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal to Israel.

Rivlin's office said that he quoted President Kennedy in his conversation with the House speaker: "Friendship with Israel is not a partisan matter".

Following a series of further tweets on the U.S. economy and his continuing diplomatic spat with Denmark, Mr Trump later spoke to reporters about his trade dispute with China.