Walsh on primary challenge: I'm sorry I helped elect Trump

Tuesday, 27 Aug, 2019

A Politico/Morning Consult poll shows that 54% of registered Republicans national strongly approve of President Trump's job performance with another 31% somewhat approving. The country can not afford to have him win. I can't believe nobody in our party has called him out.

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn, R-East Dundee, said he hasn't spoken with Walsh about the announcement and didn't know how the campaign would play out. Walsh first told Stephanopoulos that President Trump is "unfit".

"I got personal and I got hateful". He adds, "We're exhausted of a president who is tweeting this country into a recession". These are urgent times. He also apologized for referring to former President Barack Obama as a Muslim, admitting that this isn't the case "and I have apologized for that".

Walsh told Obama to "watch out" on Twitter in July 2016 after five police officers were killed in Dallas.

Walsh was pulled off the air from his radio show in 2014 following his use of racial slurs in a discussion over the controversy around the Washington Redskins name.

Asked to respond to Mr Walsh's criticism of the president and decision to run, Mr Trump's spokesman replied: "Whatever". He has a history of inflammatory statements regarding Muslims and others; he declared just before the 2016 election that if Trump lost, "I'm grabbing my musket". Walsh, an early Trump supporter, has railed against his style of governing.

Walsh was featured in a Showtime series in which "Borat" comedian Sacha Baron Cohen wore disguises to prank prominent figures like former Vice President Dick Cheney and former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Those individuals included Mayor Pete Buttigieg, at 24.9 million USA dollars, former Vice President Joe Biden, at 22 million US dollars, Sen. Walsh was recorded seemingly advocating for arming children.

"I have no comment at this time", Wilcox said. In fact, he's the worst of who we are, " Walsh says in the video. He's made me reflect on some of the things I said in the past. Walsh has since soured on Trump. But Walsh isn't the only conservative candidate looking to take on President Trump.

A former Republican congressman from IL has entered the Republican presidential race with a ferocious broadside against incumbent Donald Trump.

The tipping point, he told CNN, was when Trump sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin over US intelligence agencies on the topic of Russian meddling in the USA election after their meeting in Helsinki, Finland, last summer.