China rotates new troops into Hong Kong amid mass protests

Thursday, 29 Aug, 2019

In recent weeks, demonstrators have shut down the city's subway trains and the global airport.

The patients told the nurse that they had been beaten up by officers while in custody, according to Now TV.

It is believed to be the first live round fired by an officer during the current crisis.

More demonstrations are planned over coming days and weeks, posing a direct challenge to authorities in Beijing, who are eager to quell the unrest ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1.

External intervention from the West has provoked storms of so-called "pro-democracy" protests in some countries but only left people there displaced and cities ruined, said Luxman Siriwardena, executive director of advocacy and research think-tank Pathfinder Foundation based in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, police have denied knowledge of multiple suspicious injuries suffered by anti-extradition protesters at the San Uk Ling detention center near the border with mainland China.

They urged the police to stop dispatching police dogs at protests; stop the firing of tear gas or any other similar chemical substances within close proximity of police dogs or within residential areas, and stop the use of unnecessary or disproportionate force. The jets hit the barricades as demonstrators ran for cover.

After the bill was suspended, protesters demanded fully democratic elections and an investigation of police methods used to break up demonstrations.

It also showed a picture of a small naval vessel arriving in Hong Kong.

As the rally at Central ended peacefully, numerous protesters chanted, "See you in Chater Garden on August 31", referring to another protest being organized by the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) on the day, the fifth anniversary of the decision by the National People's Congress Standing Committee on the selection of the chief executive by universal suffrage and the method of forming the Legislative Council.

The idea of two systems in one country resurfaced when Beijing started talks with Britain and Portugal, who were running Hong Kong and Macau, respectively.

Kenneth Chan, a political scientist at the Baptist University of Hong Kong, said it would be "a sign of weakness" for the government to use an antiquated law which had been considered obsolete after the Hong Kong Bill of Rights was introduced in 1991.

Protracted protests are weighing on Hong Kong's job market, as recruiters are finding it more hard to woo overseas talent to work in the city and expatriates who already work there are considering leaving.

She met Saturday with grandees from politics and education.

"When we try to control an arrested person, they would usually put up great resistance. Not a single one", pan-democrat lawmaker James To Kun-sun, who supports the movement, told reporters Monday. Semiconductors were the dominant export item, accounting for 73 percent of all Hong Kong-bound shipments, with memory chips making up 63.3 percent. It said that Cathay Pacific employees who "support or take part in illegal protests, violent actions, or overly radical behavior" had been banned from flights to mainland China.

In a statement, the Chinese government wrote that the military display was an annual rotation that had taken place since 1997.

However Dennis Kwok, member of Hong Kong pro-democracy movement the Civic Party said the latest public display is "anything but routine".

If it have been to cross, the extradition legislation might have a devastating impact on the non secular lifetime of Catholics and different Christians in Hong Kong.