New Huawei phones can't use Google apps, report says

Friday, 30 Aug, 2019

Though there was a temporary settlement between the company and the U.S. government about a week ago, Google clarified that the reprieves did not apply to newer products like the yet-to-launch Mate 30.

Despite the official line, USA president Donald Trump has said the ban on Huawei could be lifted if China agrees to a new trade deal that's acceptable to the US. None have been approved.

A Huawei South Africa spokesperson referred to Business Insider South Africa to a statement by Huawei headquarter spokesperson Joe Kelly who said the company will aim to continue using Android. It's not clear if the devices will still run on Android OS or Huawei's very own Harmony OS (Hongmeng OS) although we've been hearing the phone maker's confident tone that all is well with Google. That means apps such as Google Play Store, Gmail, and many others, considered to be some of the most crucial additions to any Android phone, will be absent from the Huawei Mate 30 when it comes out. "Our new phones will still be based on Android", says Huawei SVP Vincent Pang, according to Reuters. Google has confirmed that the model will be banned from using Google-licensed apps and services. The report comes during a dispute between the company and the United States government.

But companies need an agreement with Google to include its popular apps such as Maps, Pay, Search, Photos, Play Store and YouTube.

Huawei's future with Android has been up in the air all Summer.

This confirmation was made by Huawei executive speaking to Reuters, which reported that Huawei is set to unveil its new Mate 30 line of phones on 18 September in Munich, according to a source familiar with the matter. "We want to maintain one standard, one ecosystem, one technology". For shoppers that are accustomed to using those services on an Android device, not having them is a major problem.

Not only that, but it is going to be a seismic challenge to convince third-party developers such as Facebook to create and support a new app just for Huawei users. Huawei's HiSilicon division designed the chip by itself.

The new inquiries overlap with findings from a Wall Street Journal investigation in May that documented numerous allegations of intellectual property theft against Huawei throughout its history, these people said. Huawei and the Department of Commerce declined to comment.