New Video Shows the Updated Border Wall is Working

Saturday, 31 Aug, 2019

The president also "has told anxious subordinates that he will pardon them of any potential wrongdoing should they have to break laws to get the barriers built quickly", the Post reports, citing current and former administration officials.

Trump denied the report on Twitter today and blasted the Washington Post for "FAKE NEWS". It also claimed that Trump had expressed concerns to senior aides over the progress of the construction and has urged them to hasten the pace, saying that a failure to deliver on this promise would let down his supporters. The White House requested $3.6 billion in Pentagon funds to be used in barrier projects after Congress refused to allocate $5 billion for the job, according to the Post.

Earlier on August 28, Trump posted a video showing a section of the wall that had been constructed. This reporting from the Post was based on the testimony of "officials who attended the meetings" at the White House.

"It's just not likely that this border wall will have any significant effect on the total amount of immigration", said David Bier, an immigration policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute. A big step in the right direction.

According to a Tweet, crews continue to work on the new wall system along the southwest border near San Luis, Ariz.

Most of the people now arriving at the border are families seeking Border Patrol agents to turn themselves in and ask for asylum. The Army Corps already has had to take corrective actions for two procurement contracts, after companies protested. The move would rely on President Donald Trump's February emergency declaration, which has faced stiff legal challenges.

Trump told aides he wants spike tips atop the wall, according to the report. "Let's be honest here: Trump is a lawless president". "I never said this", Trump wrote while in France for the Group of Seven (G7) meeting.

"When we rip down and totally replace a badly broken and dilapidated Barrier on the Southern Border, something which can not do the job, the Fake News Media gives us zero credit for building a new Wall".

One person who was willing to go on record for the Post's barrier piece was Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley, who told the paper that the president is just doing what he promised: attempting to promote "sane, rational immigration policies".

A whole bunch of hundreds of migrants have come to the U.S. over the previous 12 months, principally Central American households with kids who flip themselves in to brokers as a substitute of making an attempt to dodge them.