Corbyn backs nationwide protests against parliament shutdown

Sunday, 01 Sep, 2019

While Parliament is usually suspended for several weeks in Autumn, protesters have lashed out at Johnson for choosing to do so at a pivotal time for the country, and against the wishes of the public.

Judge Raymond Doherty yesterday heard a bid for an interim interdict - the Scottish legal equivalent of an injunction - that would halt Prime Minister Boris Johnson's move to suspend parliament between mid-September and October 14.

Fellow protest group Momentum has gone further and called on members to "occupy bridges and blockade roads".

In London demonstraters chanted "Boris, shame on you" while bringing Whitehall to a standstill, although the BBC reports that a small group who support Mr Johnson also appeared.

Thousands of people have gathered in Glasgow's George Square at a People's Assembly Defend Democracy rally against the prorogation of Parliament and calling for a general election. "Or welcome to Germany 1933".

It comes as Mr Johnson said challenges to his decision to prorogue Parliament are making the prospect of obtaining a deal "less likely". That leaves less than a month for Parliament, as the body whose constitutional job it is, to test the soundness of that decision.

Around a dozen shaven-headed men draped in Britain's national flag walked through the crowds escorted by police shouting: "What do we want?"

"We've been talking about nothing but Brexit".

The prospect of an explosive Commons battle next week came as Mr Johnson called for both the United Kingdom and European Union to "step up the tempo" in talks.

"You can make a very compelling case that it's lawful and that all other measures have been tried", said Sir Anthony.

"If we receive some proposals from London, we will examine them as we always do", Reynders said.

Johnson's Brexit adviser David Frost is expected back in Brussels for talks next week.

Johnson has pledged to take Britain out of the European Union on October 31 with or without a deal on future relations with the bloc.

British government minister Michael Gove was visiting Calais on Friday with France's customs minister to study Brexit preparations at the busy French port.

The political commentator added: "This has been the longest parliamentary session for quite some time, it's nearly three years without a new Queen's Speech".

Heavyweights from across the political divide have joined forces to fight Boris Johnson's prorogation plan in the courts.


Instead, he said, the government have spent the summer investigating how to suspend parliament, rather than finding a passable deal.

Despite insisting during the Tory leadership campaign that he thought proroguing Parliament was a bad idea, Mr Javid has now insisted the Government needs time to focus on its agenda in the run-up to outlining plans in October's Queen's Speech.

The various courts are being asked to intervene in what is seen by Johnson's opponents as a power grab that undercuts the sovereignty of Parliament.

Corbyn is also mulling a no-confidence vote in Johnson's Conservative government, which commands a fragile 320 to 319 majority.

An online petition seeking to block the decision unless Brexit is delayed or cancelled had garnered around 1.5 million signatures on Thursday.

Chaos erupted earlier this week in Westminster when Mr Johnson announced his plan to suspend parliament.