Thousands protest UK Parliament suspension

Monday, 02 Sep, 2019

Writing in the same newspaper, Johnson's de facto deputy Michael Gove said that to remove the option of a no-deal Brexit on Oct 31 would "diminish" the "chances of securing changes" to the Brexit deal that could get it passed through parliament.

Asked about the five-week suspension of Parliament, King said: "It's a bit dodgy that he's done it, but it's the only way he can get though his deal".

The billboards have been unveiled, the branded mugs have been ordered, and the adverts will soon start following you around the internet after the government launched what it claimed to be the largest ever public information campaign in an effort to prepare the British public for leaving the EU.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who had urged his supporters to come out in large numbers, told thousands of people at a rally in Glasgow, Scotland, that the message to Johnson was simple: "No way".

The biggest demonstrations were expected in London, where thousands of whistle-blowing, drum-banging people, many waving European Union flags, had converged on Downing Street by lunchtime chanting "Boris Johnson shame on you!"

She was carrying a placard that read "I am just so angry".

"You just can't trust him", she mentioned.

(PA) reported, adding that protesters rang a bell, blew whistles and beat a drum. Some held hand-written indicators studying "Defend democracy: face up to the parliament shutdown" and "Wake up UK! Or welcome to Germany 1933".

"Nobody voted for a dictatorship", said Bridie Walton, 55, in Exeter, who added that Brexit had prompted her to demonstrate for the first time in her life.

"These are the movements of a person who's afraid his arguments won't stand scrutiny".

"As we leave the European Union, we are deeply committed to playing a leading role on the global stage".

The decision has led to rising tensions between the government and parliament in a divisive country due to disagreements on how to leave the EU.

Labour Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said he's focused on getting legislation through this week that will prevent a no-deal Brexit from happening.

Elsewhere, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said Sunday he was "not optimistic" about avoiding a no-deal Brexit, as the bloc rejects the UK's demands to scrap the Irish backstop.

Barnier said the most contentious element of the agreement, the so-called backstop mechanism aimed at keeping the Northern Irish border open in all circumstances, must remain.

Barnier said the backstop fully respected the carefully negotiated balance found in the agreement between the competing political views and different identities in Northern Ireland.

Mr Bercow will play a pivotal role in the Brexit drama in Westminster this week as he has the authority to control debates and choose which MPs speak and which amendments can be debated.

Opposition lawmakers are planning to act next week to top no-deal in parliament.

Johnson's decision to shutter Parliament for several weeks when a debate about Brexit plans had been expected galvanized angry crowds of protesters on Saturday. Legal challenges are also expected to be heard in courts around the UK.

"It doesn't usually sit for some time in September and early October", he told BBC radio.

The battleground shifts to Parliament when it returns from a lengthy summer recess Tuesday.

Opposition leaders have written to the monarch in protest and Commons Speaker John Bercow said the move was a "constitutional outrage" created to stop Parliament debating Brexit. "No government is above the law", he said on Twitter.