Gunman is deadly mass shooting in Odessa Texas identified

Wednesday, 04 Sep, 2019

After failing to use his signal, the shooter was pulled over by Texas troopers in Midland on Saturday afternoon. The trooper was in serious condition Sunday, and the other officers were in stable condition.

The youngest person hit in the mass shooting rampage Saturday was a 17-month-old girl.

Mary Granados, 29, was a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service in Odessa.

A third semi truck driver, Efe Obayagbona, was shot multiple times in his truck while driving for work on I-20. Sources also say the gunman was previously denied a gun purchase because he was determined to be mentally unfit. However, a motive has not yet been determined.

Authorities say he then called the Federal Bureau of Investigation national tip line. "He didn't wake up Saturday morning and walk into his company and then it happened". He went into that company in trouble.

Police said Ator had no outstanding warrants.

Another victim who was killed, Leilah Hernandez, 15, was shot while walking out of a auto dealership with her brother, according to family members. A vigil at her high school is planned for Tuesday.

Joseph Griffith, 40, was a math teacher. On Sunday, the pastor of the church gave a sermon to console the community. He drove the mail truck back east, pursued by police, before crashing into a stationary vehicle behind the Odessa Cinergy multiplex complex, where he engaged in a gun battle with police and was shot dead, Gerke said.

A neighbor of the gunman told CNN that he threatened her with a rifle for leaving thrash near his property. "It was very painful".

"I actually just thought, 'How can I cover both of these babies at one time?'" Personally I think it is a problem related to affection and psyche, but I want to be clear with you, there are now some of the most violent video games you can imagine.

Edwin Peregrino, 25, was visiting his parents at their Odessa home when he was shot. "I hear a pop, so, I flip the camera to where the theater's at and I just see a bunch of gunfire going off". According to Arizona Central, Rudy's sister said that he had lived in Las Vegas but chose to move after the mass shooting in 2017 at a concert.

The Davis family also said they're looking forward to reuniting Anderson with her twin brother at home soon.

Same for Army veteran Brown, a Brownsville local who used to be running for an oil box products and services corporate. He was shot near Ratliff Stadium in Odessa. She also suffered injuries to her face. But police later posted his name on Facebook. "Only God can heal this drastically".

Abbott's tweet Monday is similar to his comments that followed another mass shooting in El Paso last month, when the governor said firearms must be kept out of the hands of "deranged killers".

Stephen said many police departments now supply officers with rifles in their cars - something that in the past was not common practice - but an officer must know they are facing a threat before arming themselves with such weapons. "The Odessa Police Department would like to thank the public for all of their support and extend condolences to all other victims affected by this tragic event".