This Google Pixel 4 Assistant Feature Will Hold Calls For You

Tuesday, 10 Sep, 2019

We've also added information regarding more nifty camera ... It's still not clear whether it will completely rely on the telephoto zoom lens for 8x or combine Google's Super Res Zoom mechanism with the telephoto lens.

Google traditionally releases its new Pixel phones in October, so the wait for this phone's final reveal should hopefully only be a few more weeks. Other than the Motion Mode, the Pixel 4 series is also said to include an improved Night Sight Mode.

Anticipations are high for the upcoming Google Pixel 4.

Smart voice assistant Google Assistant will be able to tell when you're on hold, and alert you when a customer service representative gets on the phone.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL: All the rumors in one place! They showed a fairly stable top panel, a small jaw and square-shaped rear camera (this feature was confirmed by Google in its own preview). By adjusting audio levels based on where the camera is pointing and how much you're zooming in, the new camera feature would presumably make it easier to highlight sounds from a particular subject, while also reducing distracting sounds coming from the surrounding environment. It will be fascinating to see how Google's software-hardware integration will shine with this dual camera setup. With the Pixel 4 generation, the randomness seems to have been dialed down. The Pixel 4 will house a 2,800 mAh battery whereas the XL will be backed by a 3,700 mAh battery. We're happy to see that Google is proceeding with its custom of having some good Pixel shading choice. If this is indeed the case, the standard Pixel 4 will likely retail at $799 while the Pixel 4 XL could set consumers back $899. They were released in the USA on October 18, 2018 and was available to the rest of the world on Nov 1. This may allow Pixel 4 users bypass tunes, silence telephones, and snooze alarms by merely waving their palms. "We previously gave organizations the ability to freeze device updates for up to 90 days".