At least five dead in US from vaping-related lung disease

Wednesday, 11 Sep, 2019

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are cautioning Americans against the use of e-cigarettes after the fifth death from a mysterious illness connected to vaping was reported Friday. On Friday, the CDC reported the fifth death in the USA connected to vaping.

The exact cause of the illness remains unknown, but investigators think that it is likely related to a chemical exposure, instead of an infectious agent.

"State officials who were on an informational FDA call [said] they identified a vitamin E oil-derivative in cannabis e-liquids that had been used by people with vaping-related lung illnesses."
Many also reported vaping other products, including those containing nicotine.

IN health officials confirmed on Friday that one adult over 18 there has died of vaping-related 'severe lung injury, ' making that individual the third suspected death from vaping. The agency addressed reports from yesterday claiming that an oil called vitamin E acetate had been found in a number of cases, pointing out that it isn't a common link between all of the reported illnesses.

Laboratory test results showed very high levels of vitamin E acetate in almost all cannabis-containing samples analyzed by the Wadsworth Center as part of this investigation. In fact, the Oregon Health Authority is carrying out an investigation of the death of an individual that happened in July.

"There's not enough action taken by our politicians", said Mr Tim Johnson during a news conference in IL on Thursday (Sept 5) after his daughter fell ill with a lung illness believed to have been caused by vaping.

A large percentage of those who have become ill reported using cannabis-derived vaping products with THC - while a much smaller group said they had only vaped nicotine.

That's far from certain at this point, but as you'll hear in this CBS News report, this 18-year-old almost died after just two years of vaping. In order to stop the vaping related illness, the FDA and CDC are working with health partners in an attempt to find the cause of these illnesses.

Officials urged people to avoid vaping illicit THC products, and people with a history of vaping who are experiencing lung injury symptoms were advised to seek medical care.

The death was confirmed on September 5, the department said in a news release, "as part of an investigation involving health officials at local and federal levels and in surrounding states".

"E-cigarettes have the potential to benefit adult smokers who are not pregnant if used as a complete substitute for regular cigarettes and other smoked tobacco products", The CDC writes on its official website.