Canada: Hurricane Dorian's sting in the tail leaves 500,000 without power

Wednesday, 11 Sep, 2019

Hurricane Dorian brought wind, rain and large seas that knocked out ability throughout the region.

The company says it has found about 3,700 trees on power lines that stretch across 32,000 kilometres, and repairs are being made to 300 broken or leaning utility poles.

As of Monday morning, 215,968 customers are without electricity, Nova Scotia Power said. The province is still dealing with the mess of the passing storm, and while crews are working diligently to clear debris, thousands of residents are still without power as of September 9.

The prime minister said the federal government has closely monitored the storm's impact throughout the region.

"Our main priority is to clear the roads and to make sure that people without power are safe".

There are 18,000 and 4,129 customers without power in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, respectively. Dorian slammed into Canada's Atlantic coast on Saturday, knocking down trees, cutting power, and blowing over a large construction crane in downtown Halifax, the capital of the province of Nova Scotia.

By Friday evening, Gov. Roy Cooper said officials weren't aware of serious injuries from the storm on the Outer Banks.

Almost all of Newfoundland experienced powerful winds Saturday night ahead of Dorian, with the strongest gusts reported over southwestern and western parts of the island.

"Complex outages must be pushed back in a number of cases".

He said he understands the frustration of those still waiting for power to be restored. According to a report by the Nova Scotia Power inc., at least 380,000 of their customers were without electricity.

Nova Scotia residents were also being warned to stay out of provincial and national parks, and to be careful when using generators. Crews from ME have also driven across the border in order to provide assistance in restoring power to the province. Lines are down. Trees are blocking the way.

Public schools were closed throughout the region on Monday as crews worked to saw through trees and fix downed electrical lines, hopeful that power would be fully restored later this week.

The people of Nova Scotia had prepared for heavy rains, and possible flooding on the coast, and business people were advised to close their premises early.