Medical Professionals Warn Vaping Could Make You More Susceptible to Flu

Thursday, 12 Sep, 2019

USA health officials are urging people to avoid e-cigarettes while the CDC investigates 450 cases of lung illness and six deaths that may be linked to chemical exposure while vaping.

As of Friday last week, there have been more than 450 possible cases of lung illness associated with using e-cigarettes reported to the US Centre for Disease Control, which also recommended people consider not using e-cigarettes while they investigate.

There are now 14 cases of severe lung illness in Dallas County related to e-cigarettes.

While health officials say they are "actively investigating" several suspected vaping-associated pulmonary cases, there have been no confirmed cases in MA.

"We are cautioning people about using e-cigarettes and advise against using unregulated THC-containing vaping products", said Health Director Bruce Anderson.

"This investigation is ongoing and has not identified a cause, but all reported cases have a history of using e-cigarette products".

The news comes after First Lady Melania Trump joined a chorus of officials voicing concern over the rampant use of e-cigarette products among the nation's youth when she posted a tweet on Monday calling for more prevention and protection against nicotine addiction. Patients have reported cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, or weight loss. "Candy-flavored liquids and intentional marketing tactics are clearly being used to attract and addict young people to vaping".

"The investigation has not identified any specific substance or e-cigarette product that is linked to all cases".

'We agree with the FDA, ' said George Conley, president of the American Vaping Association. According to the CDC, some patients reported symptoms developing only over a few days and others developed over several weeks. As that work continues, I urge Kansans to be careful.

In addition to nicotine, the aerosol users inhale and exhale from vaping can potentially expose them to other harmful substances, including heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and ultra fine particles that can be inhaled deeply into the lungs, health officials said.

He said millions of people are vaping, and while the idea of vaping has been traditionally marketed as a "safer" alternative to cigarette smoking, we're seeing now, that this isn't true.

The AMA, one of the nation's most influential physician groups, also called on doctors to inform patients about the dangers of e-cigarettes.

Kansas State Health Officer and Secretary for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Dr. Adults who do not now use tobacco products should not begin using e-cigarettes. Additionally, anyone who has been vaping and is experiencing lung problems should seek medical attention as soon as possible.