Explosion hits US Embassy in Kabul on 9/11 anniversary

Пятница, 13 Сен, 2019

To a question about Pomeop's remarks that talks could resume if Taliban honour commitments, he said Taliban still consider peaceful solution to the Afghan problem is the best option. As per the terms of the deal, the Taliban was supposed to ensure that the country won't ever again be used as a base for groups seeking to attack the U.S. and its allies.

Mr Trump spoke at a Pentagon event honouring the almost 3,000 people killed in the attacks - announcing an unprecedented escalation of the military assault on the Taliban.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, which he said killed more than 200 commandos. It was indeed, the Taliban who cancelled the meeting but Trump got ahead of the story by tweeting it.

The assault is the most recent considering the fact that President Donald Trump abruptly identified as off U.S. -Taliban talks on the brink of an clear offer to stop America's longest war. The talks, however, excluded the Afghan government, as the Taliban considers it a United States puppet.

US Secretary of State and former Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Pompeo raised his concerns and reservations publicly about a possible peace agreement with the Taliban. So there were differences regarding this deal within the USA administration.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump announced that negotiations were over without a deal. "Hosting them at Camp David grants them undeserved legitimacy". But this was not a well-thought-out move and so it subsequently failed. "They've been hit very hard", he said.

After nine rounds of talks with the Taliban in Qatar to end the 18-year war, US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad had said he had reached an agreement "in principle" with the militants.

A meeting between Afghan officials and Taliban leaders - agreed to as part of the US-Taliban deal and scheduled to be held in Oslo on September 23 - was supposed to follow a pact between the US and Taliban.

There are also fears that any negotiations with Taliban may trigger those who have bitter memories of life under the Taliban. Any hopes of ending war and violence in the near future have shattered. So, the claims of canceling talks because of continued violence are nothing but gibberish.

If the Americans want to not attack us, and they want to withdraw, and they sign the agreement, yes we will not attack them.

This arbitrary decision to halt the peace negotiations will not improve or change the situation in Afghanistan.

Using the metaphor of Afghanistan's dramatic Test cricket victory this week over Bangladesh, Akbaruddin said that the social and political progress made by that country over the last 18 years must be "be nurtured, not nullified". Ghani has suddenly become this anti-civilian deaths' czar.