Full Pixel 4 XL Specs Leaked in New Hands-on Video

Пятница, 13 Сен, 2019

On Monday, one of Google's Pixel 4 ads appeared to leak online weeks early.

While both videos are not in English, you can still figure out a lot about the device.

There's also still no launch date for the devices from Google, although an October launch is starting to look very likely. But one design feature that GenK compliments is the square camera array, which it says is "less ungainly" than the camera on the iPhone 11 since it is encased under glass rather than protruding.

The latest Pixel 4 leaks will surely be enough to get Android fans incredibly excited about the phone's expected launch next month.

As for its specs, no points for guessing the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset.

Full Pixel 4 XL Specs Leaked in New Hands-on Video
Full Pixel 4 XL Specs Leaked in New Hands-on Video

First up, a high-quality hands-on video shows off the white Pixel 4 XL with dual rear cameras and an orange power button. Blass shared an image render of the Pixel 4's front, where the display shows the date as Tuesday, October 15 and time 10 am, hinting the Pixel 4 launch event could take place on this date. The smartphone will come with a toggle on/off switch for 90Hz "Smooth Display".

Anhem TV might not be a household name internationally, but its one of the bigger channels in its native Vietnam where its videos regularly rack up hundreds of thousands of views.

We even have camera samples from the Pixel 4 thanks to a separate YouTube video that, yet again, is still available to watch. In fact, there were so many leaks about the Californian firm's next handset that it took the unprecedented step of confirming part of the design on Twitter months before its scheduled announcement. Specifics of the Pixel 4 aren't confirmed as yet but leaks suggest a 12-megapixel primary sensor with PDAF and a 16-megapixel telephoto lens.

Based on what we've seen of them so far, are you interested in the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL? The cameras may also come with an integrated Motion Mode for action shots along with improved Night Sight that could be capable of astrophotography. When users reach over to their phones, the screen will light up, showing the notifications, time and more.