Genius iPhone 11 Pro parody video is hilarious work of art

Friday, 13 Sep, 2019

Here are our initial impressions: The first thing you'll notice about the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is the new Midnight Green colour.

Apple is set to release the most expensive iPhone ever in the United Kingdom next week against the backdrop of a Brexit-battered pound, just two years after the company broke its own records with the iPhone X.

From the iPhone 11 at approximately $699 Dollars, the jump to iPhone 11 Pro is another $300, up to $999, then another hundred to $1,099 for the Pro then the Pro Max.

Despite being cheaper (and $30 less expensive than the XR at launch) the entry-level iPhone will still cost you. Shoot and edit videos as easily as you do photos.

Though the iPhone 11 Pro Max dons the largest display of the new series measuring in at 6.5-inches (the same as last year's iPhone XS Max), the size settles in the middle of other industry leaders' flagships. To look at Apple's iPhone collection right now is to decide between several different generations, prices, specs, colors, and future-proofing software promises.

As with most monthly subscriptions, you will pay more by not prepaying in advance. Whether consumers will be convinced to sign up for a subscription service simply because they buy a new iPhone remains to be seen, which may be why Apple has made a decision to do it for them with TV+.

The first iPhone to be called Pro.

Needless to say, not buying the iPhone 11 is obviously the easiest way to avoid trypophobia being triggered, albeit some say that getting one is actually one method to counter the symptoms.

Apple’s new TV streaming service will begin its attempts to rival Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
Apple’s new TV streaming service will begin its attempts to rival Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

5G roll-out is still in its early stages and many pundits will speculate that Apple is simply waiting for 5G to be "ready" for the market before adding it to the iPhone.

"We believe Netflix's 10-year head start, scale, breath of content and customer engagement is unlikely to be dented by an Apple TV+ subscription service with a relatively light content slate and no library content", Credit Suisse analysts said.

Apple TV Plus hopes to attract subscribers with a simple sales pitch: by claiming that its shows and movies will be of higher quality than what they'll find elsewhere. The company has promised for faster performance and improvement in battery life.

With the announcement of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro on Tuesday, Apple rejiggered its iPhone lineup.

However - now Apple's also released an iPhone 11.

The U1 is a new chip by Apple that allows its latest iPhone models to precisely locate and communicate with other U1-equipped devices.

Nearly exactly five years ago, Apple unveiled the watch, marking its first new hardware product after Steve Jobs' death.