Liberal election plane damaged after media bus drives under wing

Friday, 13 Sep, 2019

The Canadian election campaign is off to a flying start, even if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plane was grounded by a scraped wing.

"It's not a surprise that the Liberals are once again trying to push this thing out", Scheer said, accusing his opponents of fear-mongering in a bid to deflect attention from "their scandals and corruption". Previous Quebec premiers insecure in their own jobs, including former Liberal premier Jean Charest, fabricated conflicts with Ottawa to enhance their own stature as "defenders of Quebec's interests".

"We have been, I have been, watching very closely the process, and considering the federal potential actions, and at this time I feel it would be counterproductive for the federal government to engage in this process".

"And if there's one area where Justin Trudeau's failures have been so visible to Canadians, so evident that Canadians can immediately understand, it's on the subject of foreign affairs". The Canadian leader had already departed the airport when the incident took place.

The prime minister and his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, had just visited with Gov. Gen. Julie Payette at Rideau Hall in Ottawa to ask to dissolve Parliament and launch the election, scheduled for October 21.

VICTORIA-A bus carrying reporters and Liberal staffers covering the Liberal leader's campaign tour hit a Boeing 737 that had just arrived in Vancouver Wednesday evening.

Politicians are crisscrossing the country after Trudeau formally kicked off a campaign on Wednesday, and a major issue is expected to be the mounting cost of living.

"We do not have the intention of intervening in this case". "Quebecers can only rely on us, Bloc members of Parliament will always be powerless spectators".

And that will make people wonder whether the Liberals are covering up crimes. That is their right. And they must have known that their attempt to hide behind the Privy Council Clerk would fail, since the decision ultimately lies with Trudeau.

Singh, the head of the left-leaning NDP, said on Wednesday that Bill 21 was an example of "state-sanctioned discrimination".

Liberals say that a waiver for confidentiality was not provided by the Clerk of the Privy Council, meaning that people in the know-how did not have the privilege to speak to the RCMP or the Ethics Commissioner.

"And it upsets me, it saddens me".

'We've had some challenges but are ready to solve that and we will absolutely have candidates in every riding, ' Singh said.

In that scenario, either Trudeau or Scheer would have to rely on at least one opposition party to pass legislation.

Pictures on social media showed a gash underneath the wing. Like you, my identity is my pride.