Former UK leader Cameron blasts Boris Johnson, Michael Gove

Понедельник, 16 Сен, 2019

For his part, Johnson compared himself to the ultra-strong comic-book and film character The Incredible Hulk in a separate newspaper interview. He has also lost his working majority in Parliament and been told by Scotland's highest court that his decision to suspend Parliament was illegal. "And if we don't get a deal then we'll come out on October 31".

The Liberal Democrats party, which has 18 seats in Britain's 650-seat parliament, on Sunday made its bid for the votes of those who want to remain in the European Union, toughening its anti-Brexit stance to say it would stop the exit process if it won power in an election, and would reject any Brexit deal Johnson struck.

LUXEMBOURG: Six weeks after he took office and six weeks before he is due to lead Britain out of the European Union, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to meet Jean-Claude Junker.

Restating the EU's red lines, Mr Juncker said the trade bloc was unwilling to re-open the Brexit accord negotiated with Mr Johnson's predecessor, Theresa May.

Barnier will address the European Parliament session in Strasbourg on Wednesday as MEPs vote to reaffirm and reinforce the EU Brexit stance.

"Even to Trumpian standards the Hulk comparison is infantile".

Johnson was a leading "Leave" campaigner in the referendum, and took office in July promising to deliver Brexit no matter what.

"A huge amount of progress is being made".

Cameron's critics say the British public was never really clamouring for the 2016 referendum and that Cameron called it only to quell internal squabbles in his fractious Conservative Party and to quiet the rabid Tory tabloids.

Talks are still stalled on the contentious issue of the Irish border backstop, a policy meant to ensure there are no checks on goods crossing the U.K.'s land border with Ireland.

"We don't know what the British want exactly, precisely or in detail and we're still waiting for alternative proposals", Mr Juncker told Germany's Deutschlandfunk. If you love your country - I assume that there are still patriots in the United Kingdom - you do not want to wish your country such a fate.

The Liberal Democrats - the nation's third-preferrred social gathering and one within the midst of a revival - voted overwhelmingly at their social gathering conference on Sunday to entire the Brexit course of fully if they reach to vitality.

The Mail on Sunday said strategists at No. 10 say they have devised a secret plan, known only to the prime minister and three key advisers, which they claim will allow them to ignore the order without breaking the "no-deal" law.

The party gained an important member Saturday with the defection of Sam Gyimah, a former Conservative minister.

"The conclusion I am left with is that he risked an outcome he didn't believe in because it would help his political career".

Cameron, who served as prime minister from 2010 to 2016, spoke to The Times newspaper to promote his soon-to-be-published memoir. Patel, now one of the frontline Cabinet ministers as United Kingdom home secretary, was a prominent Brexiteer and member of the Leave campaign, which was led by Johnson and Cabinet minister Michael Gove.