New York To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes Amid Lung Disease Alarm, Deaths

Tuesday, 17 Sep, 2019

NY imposed an "emergency" ban on flavoured e-cigarettes amid a rising national epidemic of serious illness - and several deaths - linked to vaping.

Health groups including the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network blamed the demise of the legislation on an intense lobbying campaign by tobacco companies.

Corlett said, "Retailers who sell E-cigarettes and vaping products must ensure they are checking IDs and only selling to those who are old enough to purchase".

Cuomo said that there had been a debate about whether menthol-flavored e-cigarettes should be banned, and that he and state health commissioner Dr Howard Zucker had discussed the issue. "It is disappointing, however, that the proposed NY policy would make the serious error of exempting menthol e-cigarettes less than a week after the federal government concluded that the only way to stem the youth e-cigarette epidemic is to remove all flavored e-cigarettes, including menthol", he added. "These are obviously targeted to young people and highly effective at targeting young people", he said.

Seventh grader Yael Mintz was at the rally. In the sixth paragraph, the Times says that "health officials around the country continue to grapple with an outbreak of a severe lung disease linked to vaping that causes severe shortness of breath and days of vomiting, fever and fatigue". If Governor Cuomo's proposal goes into effect, he'd have to get rid of all of those.

Health Department data shows 1 in 15 New York City middle school students reported using e-cigarettes.

The governor announced an executive action that calls for state health officials to meet this week to create regulations and ban the sale of flavored vapor products. It said it has never marketed to youth and does not sell flavors like bubble gum that are especially appealing to young people.

He said that while vaping was "technically" better than smoking, "the only situation, in my mind, factually, that justifies vaping is if you had a person that said, 'I now smoke, and I have tried every other device to stop smoking".

The order also directs DOH to work with the state education department to immediately develop and deploy these measures for school districts to incorporate into their curriculums. So far there have been no reports of adverse effects from the vaping devices used in the state's medical pot program.

He said he worries New York's potential regulations will drive more vapers to the black market and/or online vendors - where he notes that merchants can't see their customers while checking their ages. Earlier this week he announced plans to require health warning posters in shops selling vaping products.

Other states are expected to consider their own restrictions on e-cigarettes.