Marrone - Ramsey will play Thursday vs. Titans

Friday, 20 Sep, 2019

While Belichick can get just about anyone to fall in line, I wonder about Ramsey given his role in the Jags' collapse.

"The other side of it too is I think this group really doesn't want to give up on Tre Flowers and (Shaquill) Griffin yet", Heaps said. "I'm chilling here. I'm trying to be a good teammate". I was about to stiff-arm him, but I saw he wasn't a defender.

That question was about then-Houston Texans defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney, who was eventually traded to the Seattle Seahawks. "The rest was history". Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett turned in the first on January 3, 1983, against the Minnesota Vikings. Being spread wide by Arizona's offense led to Baltimore giving up big plays down the field. Ramsey has been featured nationally in NFL commercials and locally to promote real estate companies, which are now rethinking if he should be their frontman.

Henry said he's moved on from the record run. I wasn't for the idea of trading for Ramsey as I thought he was in the final year of his contract, but he's under contract through 2020.

Asked if the lack of a contract extension was a factor, Ramsey replied, "Oh I don't care about that". It was a great moment. But time to move on, man. Well, it appears that Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is also placing his name on the market. "I will let God do his work", he said. These Thursday night games are usually ugly, grind it out types of affairs and I wouldn't be surprised if both teams failed to break the 20-point mark in this one. Could Baltimore draft a player like Ramsey in the first round? "I feel like that would be devastating", Ngakoue said. It's a short week against a division opponent, so it should be fun. You can also get this game on Hulu Live or Sling TV if you prefer those platforms and their pricing plans.

"We don't need to watch that again", Wash said. "Give credit to him, but we have to do a better job of stopping it this time".

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Jalen is durable, he's played 50-of-50 career games.

Knowing how conservative general manager Tom Telesco is, it's likely a pipe dream to trade for Ramsey. Considering that he's a Nashville native, it's not a shock that he'd want to play for his hometown team. As a result, it left Titans fans wondering if this is the same old Titans they have seen in recent years. Despite a second consecutive defeat, the Jaguars found some reasons to be optimistic, in the shape of Gardner Minshew.