Liberal candidate for Waterloo accepts Trudeau's apology, calling it 'genuine'

Saturday, 21 Sep, 2019

Trudeau has not acknowledged he's thinking about leaving the campaign or stepping down as leader of the Liberal party. Multiple photos and a video have surfaced and, in all of them, Trudeau seems to be covered from head to toe in dark make-up.

"Of course I am disappointed in his behaviour in 2001", said Audrey Festeryga, Liberal candidate for Essex. "I apologize for it".

Trudeau apologized Wednesday for wearing brownface makeup at a party in 2001, after TIME Magazine published a photo from the event.

Madan also doesn't remember anyone else in makeup or brownface, but says others were dressed up to match the Arabian Nights theme. He was 29 when those photos were taken.

As he continues with the now-more-daunting task of asking for Canadians' votes, he should know this: Mr. Trudeau, the Liberal party and its entire campaign infrastructure have forfeited the moral authority to criticize their opponents on questions of character.
He spoke to media before taking off from Halifax for Winnipeg, where he had campaign events scheduled.

"Conversations about, for example, what it means for white people to dress up as black and brown people and even just who we are as a society and issues of power and privilege", she said.

Justin Trudeau has been asked three times during this press conference how many times he's donned blackface.

During Trudeau's apology yesterday evening, he admitted to one other incident, where he claims he sang "Day-O", commonly known as "The Banana Boat Song", in racialized make-up. But even if he's fully honest in his assertion that he is not racist, he would have a very hard time disputing the observation that his past behaviour suggests a life spent mostly careening blissfully through exclusive climes in a bubble of oblivious white privilege.

Scheer says a Conservative government would buy MRI and CT machines to replace aging ones, which he says would reduce wait times for those tests.

Danny Ramadan, a Syrian-Canadian author and LGBTQ advocate had a very different perspective.

Asked if he was upset when he initially saw the images, Hehr said the Liberal leader's apology is what counts.

Trudeau, who has said he deeply regretted donning blackface and is embarrassed by the actions that he's called racist, was asked about how the story might affect his global credibility.

The prime minister said he wanted to connect with him directly, an unusual gesture in the midst of a closely fought federal election.

"It was something that I didn't think was racist at the time, but now I recognize it was something racist to do, and I'm deeply sorry", he said.

We gave provinces and territories more resources to combat gun and gang violence, by investing almost $330 million through our comprehensive, national Guns and Gangs Strategy.

"The wearing of blackface/brownface is reprehensible, and hearkens back to a history of racism, slavery, and an Orientalist mythology that is unacceptable", said executive director Mustafa Farooq, who later issued a statement thanking the prime minister for apologizing so quickly.

Would Trudeau refuse to endorse the nomination for any would-be Liberal candidate had such a candidate replicated Trudeau's blackface actions?