London students to take part in global climate strike on Friday

Saturday, 21 Sep, 2019

"This is what will happen if we don't stop climate change now", said 21-year-old strike organiser Nanticha Ocharoenchai.

In some regions, children were officially given the day off school to attend the strikes; the New York City public school board gave permission to 1.1 million public school students to skip school to join that city's protest, one of more than 800 events happening in the US alone in all 50 states.

People attend a protest as part of the world's largest climate strike in Sydney on September 20, 2019. Organizers expected more than 300,000 people to march - the country's largest demonstration since protests against the Iraq War in 2003. The last school strike, in March this year, saw an estimated 1.4 million students walk out of school to strike for climate action. Their message is simple: reduce the use of fossil fuels now. A total of 93 per cent of Europeans see global warming as a serious problem, according to a recent survey by the European Commission.

Acting PM Michael McCormack, in charge while premier Scott Morrison is on a state visit to the U.S., said students should be in school.

In Uganda, the Friday for Future protests involved local government workers, schools, universities and farmers, who are most affected by the droughts in that country. At the biggest gathering in Warsaw, more than a thousand demonstrators called for the government to curb its dependence on coal, which is burned to produce more than 80 per cent of the country's electricity.

"School strikes are a good tactical choice because they demonstrate students' commitment to personal sacrifice to bring attention to the climate crisis", she said.

Carbon emissions climbed a record high last year, despite a warning from the United Nations -backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in October that output of the gases must be slashed over the next 12 years to stabilise the climate.

Teenager Gina Hale was among the thousands of who kick-started the global protests in Australia. In August of 2018, Thunberg began protesting in front of the Swedish parliament, rather than attending school, in demand of action on climate change.

Thunberg has staged weekly demonstrations over the past year under the hashtag #FridaysForFuture, and the website lists more than 100 climate strikes that are planned across Canada. Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said Google had agreed to buy 1.6 gigawatts of wind and solar power, a record purchase of renewable energy by a single company. UBC is advising students taking part in the walkout to discuss possible accommodations with their instructors. Google and Microsoft employees are expected to participate as well.

A massive crowd gathered in downtown Eugene Friday afternoon for a climate protest.

NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell tells Alan she does not support the strike.

Hundreds of protests took place across Europe.

'While the teacher has determined that the conversation at today's global climate strike is educational and relevant to the learning for this project, RMIT will of course be looking at the decision to ensure that assessment integrity is maintained'. "Truancy demands a considered response from our society, but as students, we are no longer better off in school than we are demanding action to protect our future".