Seattle students protest superintendent's decision on Climate Strike

Saturday, 21 Sep, 2019

Protests will be taking place from September 20 to 27 worldwide.

Here in the USA, 800 events are planned across the country.

According to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), it is up to each local district to decide whether or not students participating will be marked with an unexcused absence.

More than 2,300 companies around the globe from a variety of industries including law, tourism and technology have joined the Not Business As Usualalliance and pledged to support their workers to strike with students on September 20. Ben Drati says that the administration is aware of the strike and while they "support opportunities for students to express themselves", any student missing school Friday will be marked as absent.

Those attending the protest will demand global action on climate change ahead of a summit in NY, which will be attended by members of the United Nations. Over the past year, young people in other communities have staged scattered strikes in solidarity with her Fridays for Future movement. "Civil disobedience breaks the system and once it's broken it's an incredible opportunity to make things better". "Because when I found out how it actually was, that made me furious so I wanted to do something about it".

She spent the day in Congress and on the steps of the Supreme Court, lending her star power to join activists drumming up attention and support ahead of a global climate strike today.

A Norfolk County Council spokesman said each individual school led by the local authority would be required to set their own stance on the strikes and that it would be setting no guidance for how pupils' participation would be addressed.

Protestors campaigning against the proposed development of Pump Lane will be protesting in Gillingham and Chatham
Protestors campaigning against the proposed development of Pump Lane will be protesting in Gillingham and Chatham

As part of the strike, the Youth Climate Coalition is demanding a Green New Deal, respect of indigenous land and sovereignty, environmental justice, protection and restoration of biodiversity and finally, implementation of sustainable agriculture.

"While Ashland School District supports students' Constitutional rights to peaceful assembly and free expression, we can not support an activity that represents a loss in instructional time", school officials said.

CHS senior Jordan Muhammad connected immigration with climate change: "If they really wanted to fight immigration they would stop the reasons why people are forced to find new homes". "When your house is on fire, somebody needs to sound the alarm", read a joint statement by the mayors of New York, Paris and Los Angeles.

"Young people are passionate about doing something and making a change". A global movement has since grown from the 16-year-old's stand, with young people expressing outrage that their generation is being left a world with increasingly punishing heatwaves, storms, flooding and societal unrest.

Thunberg is due to attend a summit on zero emissions at the United Nations headquarters in NY on Monday. She lost every county in the state to Trump after drawing the ire of coal miners and the state led the nation in GDP growth and personal income growth in the first quarter of 2019.

Thousands of tech workers say they are planning to join the protests in the middle of their workdays, showing a renewed level of political activism in Silicon Valley where software engineers and other employees traditionally haven't spoken up in public against their bosses.