Taiwan Loses its Another Ally as Kiribati Cuts All Ties

Sunday, 22 Sep, 2019

Days after the Solomon Islands switched diplomatic allegiance from Taipei to Beijing, the island nation of Kiribati has severed ties with Taiwan-a move that China's foreign ministry "highly commends."

"My government has been. assured by the Beijing government that they will step in to assist us in the transition period and beyond, including the funding and construction of the SPG2023 stadium", Sogavare said.

"The Government of the Solomon Islands shall sever "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan as of this day and undertakes that it shall no longer develop any official relations or official exchanges with Taiwan". The announcement came after the central Pacific nation made a decision to switch diplomatic allegiance from Taipei to Beijing.

On Monday, Taiwan launched it became reducing ties with one more Pacific nation - the Solomon Islands - after discovering out its cabinet had voted in favour of changing its diplomatic recognition to Beijing.

Kiribati's defection leaves Taiwan extra remoted than ever with simply 15 nations left that recognise it.

"Now, there are only a handful of countries who have not yet established diplomatic relations with China".

A draft US act, the Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative (TAIPEI), which is to "impose effect on nations downgrading ties with Taiwan", will be reviewed at a US Senate committee next week, US Senator Cory Gardner's office wrote on Twitter yesterday.

In a statement that will definitely make the Chinese officials angry, the Taiwan Trade official has said that India is seen as an investment destination. As Washington and Beijing's economic competition worsened, however, their political ties have also increasingly frayed, and President Donald Trump's administration has attempted to dissuade nations from buying into Xi's global economic vision.

Repeatedly, Taiwan has accused Beijing of offering easy cash, loans and goods in return for recognition - a claim the Chinese Government denies - but this week China said both Kiribati and the Solomon Islands would have "unprecedented development opportunities" if they sided with them.

"But it does not translate across the strait".

Akwai said the Taiwanese Embassy in the capital, Honiara, had lowered its flag on Tuesday.

That footprint is a growing concern for the USA and its close ally Australia.

Meanwhile, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said in a Twitter message that the USA will continue to support Taiwan, a democratic partner of his country.

US Senator Tom Cotton urged the Senate to pass a draft Taiwan Assurance Act, saying the bill affirms that China's efforts to exclude Taiwan from the global community are a national security concern for Washington.

In addition, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio from Florida also tweeted that he has paid attention to the Solomon Islands' move and now Kiribati has cut formal ties with Taiwan due to pressure in the past couple of weeks.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, who is seeking reelection in January, and her government have denounced China for luring away Taiwan's friends with promises of cheap aid.

"Obviously it's very significant in light of the upcoming elections in Taiwan in January", she added.