Antonio Brown Says He’s Finished With the NFL, Goes After Patriots Owner

Monday, 23 Sep, 2019

Antonio Brown isn't out of the Patriots' problems yet, as the free agent receiver will be filing a grievance against the Patriots to collect close to $10 million, according to ESPN.

Brown will be represented by the NFL Players Association, per the report.

Ever since the circus around Antonio Brown started with the Raiders there have been rumors that he would end up in the XFL.

One of the NFL's most prolific receivers for a decade, Brown was traded out of Pittsburgh and released in Oakland after his off-field antics became too much for those teams.

Brown also tweeted, "System working effectively", linking to a Daily Beast tweet stating that fans have threatened a writer who revealed a second sexual harassment claim against Brown.

Brown denies the accusations and is not facing any criminal charges.

Brown has gone on several public rants and displayed a wide array of unusual behavior since the start of the National Football League season and this could be yet another claim that is reversed is his long list of rants made so far this year.

Other people around the NFL believe, however, that until the league's investigation is resolved, a deal is not likely to happen, a source told Schefter.

Just two days after the Patriots announced they'd signed Brown, the two-time all-pro was accused of sexual assault and rape by his former trainer. He never played for the Raiders, but in his one game with the Patriots he had four catches for 56 yards and one touchdown. He was also accused of sexual misconduct by an artist in a story published by Sports Illustrated earlier this week.

Brown called out Kraft and former Steelers teammate Roethlisberger.

But on Sunday morning, Brown took to twitter, apparently pointing out what he considered a double standard.

Earlier in September, Brown agreed to a reported one-year contract with the Patriots worth up to $15m, with a $9m signing bonus.

Someone needs to delete the Twitter app from Brown's phone, or maybe just take his entire phone away, because he's not doing himself any favors.