Breaking Bad unveils trailer of forthcoming movie

Вторник, 24 Сен, 2019

El Camino will arrive on Netflix on October 11.

So far cast members include Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, Matt Jones as Badger and Charles Baker as Skinny Pete.

A month later, Netflix shared the first trailer of the movie, a minute long clip showing Skinny Pete being brought in for questioning about Jesse's whereabouts, where the meth cooker's ally refuses to give up his friend. Check out the new teaser below. The last we saw of the latter, he was zooming down the road in his El Camino, ecstatic to be alive and free of the dastardly white supremacists' clutches.

El Camino, written and directed by series creator Vince Gilligan, is the sequel that focuses on Pinkman's own arch. You can also view the new key art in the gallery underneath. But despite the teaser being short, it did reveal a few things to us.

This new trailer debuted at the recent Primetime Emmy Awards, which sees Aaron Paul reprise his role as the fan-favourite, Jesse Pinkman, who appears to be on the run after a massacre in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So I can understand why he's keeping a close ear on news reports, though I don't think Jesse's cigarette will do much to soothe his nerves.

But, after the trailer, we'll go into our theory.

As the camera moves in on a vehicle parked out in the desert of New Mexico, we hear news reports of the carnage wreaked in the final episode of the AMC show, Felina, from back in 2013.

The trailer shows Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman sat in his vehicle listening to a news report that handily reminds fans of the massacre that Walter White orchestrated to free Jesse from Jack's compound.

The Netflix project will premiere Friday, October 11 and be available for theatrical viewing that weekend, starting Friday and running through Sunday, October 13.