Walmart Officially Bans E-Cigarettes

Вторник, 24 Сен, 2019

According to an internal company memo sent out to Walmart employees on Friday and seen by Reuters, the retailer is concerned with the growing teenage interest in vape-smoking, as well as the alarming number of reports on cases of vaping-related lung disease and deaths.

Walmart Inc told its staff on Friday the retailer was discontinuing the sale of e-cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery products at its USA stores.

According to US media, Walmart said in an internal memo Friday that e-cigarette sales will stop once its existing stock runs out.

This week, the health authority in London, Ont., confirmed that they were investigating a case of respiratory illness in a youth that was possibly vaping related.

U.S. officials still haven't determined a cause of the ailment as the vaping mystery deepens, but the illness has been reported most often in patients with THC, the key psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. On Thursday, FDA launched a criminal investigation into the nationwide epidemic of vaping-related illnesses.

"This is bad." To give both sides their soap-box, the American Vaping Association criticized Walmart on Friday for dropping e-cigarettes but not tobacco products.

The recent round of illnesses have been reported most often in patients inhaling products with THC, the key psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Many people in countries like the United Kingdom, promote them as a safer alternative to smoking.

First known Canadian case of vaping-related illness reported in London, Ont.

It's true the growing alarm over e-cigarettes has convinced Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan and India to ban them. San Francisco took the broader step of stopping the sales and distribution of all types of e-cigarettes in June, though it will not take effect until next year and the makers of Juul, the highest-selling e-cigarette, are fighting the ban. Despite the typically divisive attitudes towards the current administration, there seems to be bipartisan support in combating the health risks associated with vaping.

Walmart continues to sell guns and traditional cigarettes, but it has imposed new limits on those products.

More than 8 persons have been reported dead so far.

There are signs the number of cases in the climbing.

Viacom, CBS, and WarnerMedia said are about to stop all E-cigarette advertiser.

Some people - especially youth and young adults, women who are pregnant and adults who do not now smoke - should not vape, CDC officials said.