Amazon Is Making it Way Easier to Delete Your Alexa Recordings

Friday, 27 Sep, 2019

Don't worry. Amazon is leaning into the actor's essence.

Unsurprisingly, considering it started out with the best-selling microwave in its catalog, Amazon was able to crow today about the fact that it's still the best-selling microwave.

Privacy advocates have basically given up on Amazon, believing that its promises about protecting its customers are too little and too late.

Amazon says the most commonly asked question of Alexa is "what time is it?"

Amazon suggested on Wednesday that more celebrity voices will be added in 2020. Apple's HomePod has a similar feature.

Additional features like "Alexa Whispers" to auto delete immediate voice recordings such as "Alexa delete everything I said today" or "Alexa delete everything I just said" and those older than three or 18 months regularly will be available later this year. Previously, Alexa users had to manually wipe out their stored voice recordings on a companion website.

Eero, the WiFi mesh system snapped up by Amazon in the spring gets its United Kingdom debut and an internal upgrade created to guarantee "whole home" WiFi. The company rolled out new privacy features this week.

While Amazon's new Echo Buds seem like a sure-fire victor, because they can be used with any music source, Echo Studio is more like Apple HomePod, in that it wants to lock you in to Amazon's own eco-system.

There's no word if these refreshed devices will include a display but Google may now be rushing to bring such a feature to their next range of gadgets. They are speakers, and you plug them in and talk to them. The Echo Flex will integrate with new motion and light sensors and have an API so developers can write commands for it. Available for pre-order on Amazon, the Echo Buds provide hands-free access to Alexa, and support access to Siri and Google Assistant as well. Limp managed to turn even this into a feather for Alexa's cap, noting that Amazon was the first company to allow users to opt out of the human review. That puts it at a disadvantage to competitors Google and Apple, whose voice computing technology travels everywhere that Android and iPhone users take their devices.

He teased out some of what's new from the company and just like past year, Amazon dropped so many product reveals that it'll make your head spin.

Amazon also added another kitchen appliance to its portfolio: a smart oven with an air fryer.

If you thought Amazon's smart microwaves and smart wall clocks would be their wildest products yet, you need to be more open-minded about what they're willing to shove Alexa into.

Did you know we have a YouTube Channel?

Amazon finally has a legit competitor in the high-end smart speaker space.

Many owners of smart speakers use the devices primarily to listen to music or stream radio stations or podcasts.

The final of the accessible audio system is the Echo Studio, probably the most highly effective and with the most effective sound high quality, along with being the most important.