Marvel cancels plans for live-action ‘Ghost Rider’ series

Saturday, 28 Sep, 2019

It killed Ghost Rider.

Apparently, the Disney-owned Hulu has opted to scrap Ghost Rider, only four months after the project was picked up straight to series at the streamer, sources have shared.

Marvel Tv continues a foremost provider to Hulu with a collection slate that covers the live-action Marvel's Runaways, which has been redesigned for the third season, and the forthcoming Marvel's Helstrom, each co-produced by ABC Signature.

Sorry Ghost Rider and Robbie Reyes fans - it looks like the Ghost Rider live-action series is officially dead in the water (or, perhaps, hellfire?).

Looking for to make use of his dark powers for fair, Robbie unleashes as Ghost Rider in disclose to bring vengeance to other folks who were wronged, however the all-encompassing vitality becomes an increasing selection of not easy to manipulate. But now it's off, and Ghost Rider returns to limbo.

Earlier this year, Hulu announced a brand new Marvel live action series based on the "Ghost Rider". Yikes. So Marvel's Helstrom will be happening, but no more Robbie Reyes.

While announced as a straight to series order for Hulu to star Gabriel Luna who originated the role of Robbie Reyes on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the series is dead at Hulu.

Ghost Rider made it to the big screen twice with Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, while it contained numerous key ingredients of a classic Nic Cage movie, to call them a worthy adaptation of the material would be a stretch.

Plus, Kevin Feige going with a female Ghost Rider definitely fits with his Phase 4 plans just as I said.

This report comes on the heels of a rumor that Marvel Studios was interested in integrating the Ghost Rider character into their films. Thankfully, that doesn't appear to be the case since Hulu is reportedly "very happy" with another show from the popular company: Marvel's Helstrom.